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Advanced Materials and Related Technology, Centre for (CAMTEC)biomedical physics radiotherapy nanoparticles advanced electron microscopy spectroscopy biosensing synthesis
Anthropology Arts and culture Arts-based research Caribbean Cuba Cultural anthropology Culture Digital media Film production Latin America Music Social anthropology Visual Arts Visual culture
Art History & visual Studiescontemporary vultures modern pacific northwest renaissance theory popular Islamic feminist film
Asia-Pacific Initiatives, Centre for (CAPI)research Asia specific issues programming scholarship connection relationship region knowledge dissemination
Astronomy Research Centre, The (ARC)experimental particle physics cosmology microwave cosmic astrophysics optics stellar galaxy dark matter
Biochemistry and MicrobiologyDNA molecular structural pathogen vector vaccine therapeutic protein stem hormone cancer
Biologyplant evolution conservation genetics ecosystem marine climate stem cell neurobiology developmental
Biomedical Engineeringtissue organ nanoreactor medical image haptics neural modelling diagnosis stem cells treatment device health
Biomedical Research, Centre for (CFBR)nanoresonator tissue engineering microfluids medical image haptics neural networks diagnosis experimentation
Businessglobal strategy international resource management conflict organizational behavior entrepreneurship globalization innovation leadership
Canadian Institute for Substance Use Research (CISUR)aboriginal stigma street youth adulthood sex workers cannabis treatment marginalized communities alcohol drugs
Chemistrysynthesis kinetics gels catalytic spectroscopy cancer molecule microfluids impedance organic nanotechnology microfluidics drug discovery photovoltaics
Child and Youth Carecollaborative community violence prevention families development indigenous immigrant children's health disorders
Civil Engineeringinfrastructure city sustainability green treatment renewable energy construction structural industrial soil erosion transportation water buildings
Computer Sciencesoftware networking distributed ai algorithms machine learning artificial intelligence visual programming
Curriculum and Instructionlanguage literacy health philosophy play school secondary elementary educational technology K-12 art
Earth and Ocean Sciencesoceanography marine earthquake seismology geoacoustics stratigraphy sedimentary isotopes global change tectonics oceans
Economicstheoretical applied personnel behavioral macroeconomics microeconomics finance labour public analysis accounting
Educational Psychology & Leadership Studiescounselling learning problems instruction cognition motivation quality of life compassion client school assessment
Electrical and Computer Engineeringnetworking hardware signal processing security cryptography electromagnets communication materials devices software transportation energy sustainability cyber security wireless nanowire solar polymer
Englishpoetry novels literature Canadian American romance Victorian contemporary Shakespeare romanticism digital humanities
Environmental Studiessustainability ecosystem climate change conservation biodiversity ethnoecology marine coastal indigenous first nations
Exercise Science, Physical and Health Edsports physical fitness physiology coaching injury health biomechanics motor control disease obesity leisure
Forest Biology, Centre for (FORB)biochemistry molecular biology genomics plant products mineral nutrition fungal genetics embryogenesis
Frenchsecond language acquisition learning literature culture history phonetics syntax semantics
Gender Studieshuman rights masculinities sexuality transgender queer cultural studies indigenous decolonization
Geographyspatial analysis modelling resource management forest governance climate policy global health services rural
Germanic and Slavic StudiesIcelandic vampires theatre film holocaust language history culture Ukrainian German cinema Brecht
Global Studies, Centre for (CFGS)borders migration environmental ecology social policy governance indigenous reconciliation social justice
Greek and Roman StudiesAthens Sparta Rome Hellenistic literature tragedy homer Latin Jewish Christian imperial archaeology classics
Health Information Sciencemedical medicine usability health care telemedicine evaluation informatics patient record systems
Hispanic and Italian StudiesSpanish Italian literature history cultural geography theatre fiction language south America theater
HistoryEuropean political Asian Canadian American world colonial social cultural gender British political public military
Indigenous Educationindigenous language revitalization impact culture knowledge systems education social justice community
Indigenous Governancedecolonizing indigenous social memory global rights political mobilization environmental cultural practices movements
Indigenous Research and Community-Led Engagement, Centre for (CIRCLE)indigenous political legal traditions decolonization collaborative land-based education wellness elders relationship reconciliation
Indigenous Studiesindigenous race colonialism gender resurgence sustainable political movements social justice history
Aging and Lifelong Health, Institute onalzheimers caregiving dementia elderly health aging policy social support sociology development cognitive health aging development cognitive health
Integrated Energy Systems, Institute for (IESVIC)energy systems renewable clean transportation technology sustainable communities human dimensions research centre center
Latin American StudiesLARG literary cultural ethnic culture diversity geopolitical geocultural Latin America language
Lawinsurance indigenous environmental corporate constitutional international humanitarian family contracts non-profit political ethics justice human rights family criminal animal rights marijuana cannabis
Linguisticssecond language phonology phonetics revitalization theoretical Salish applied syntax morphology historical reclamation
Mathematics & Statisticseducation geometry dynamical systems probability combinatorics modelling logic applied discrete
Matrix Institute for Applied Data Sciencealgorithms cyber-security augmented cognition interaction adaptive machine learning quantum data artificial intelligence
Mechanical Engineeringautomation design sensor transport phenomena fuel cell hybrid electric vehicles rockets aerospace
Medical Sciencesneurobiology imaging microscopy hemodynamic pathology disease memory neurogenesis Alzheimer's brain injury neurosciences cancer
Medieval Studiesrenaissance Europe religion art architecture literature Chaucer poetry prose culture Anglo-Saxon Scandinavian middle English
Musicmusicology instrument composition ethnomusicology voice opera performance chorus history song writing quartet
Neurosciencesstroke diabetes synaptic plasticity vivo imaging molecular neurogenesis microscopy biochemistry cell biology spinal reflexes rehabilitation genomics
Nursingpublic primary care diabetes practitioners promotion palliative chronic community mental health maternity addiction
Ocean Networks Canadaocean oceanography coast planet health arctic real-time ocean data disaster mitigation hydrothermal vents tsunami
Pacific and Asian StudiesBuddhism Japanese Chinese Korean china Indonesian Malay literature culture media film language sociology history
Pacific Climate Impacts Consortiumclimate impacts of climate change climate modeling water resources hydrologic models
Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions (PICS)climate change solutions global adaption government policy greenhouse gas mitigation ministry environment
Philosophyhistory literature metaphysics semantics politics mind aesthetics ethics social contemporary ancient moral
Physics & Astronomyexperimental astroparticle cosmology galaxies medical electron nanoparticles magnets astrophysics exoplanet space observatory
Political Sciencepublic policy democracy comparative international relations law identity citizenship reparations indigenous
Proteomics Centremetabolomics structural proteomics bioinformatics multiphysics quantitative metabolite metabolic profiling
Psychologycognition brain clinical social lifespan social mental health treatment child adult disorder psychologist psychiatrist memory development environment
Public Administrationcooperation sustainable development decolonization economic climate policy impacts governance non-profit employment aboriginal law carbon tax climate community energy environmental federal first nations policy gender government indigenous international performance
Public Health & Social Policycommunity health safety substance disability population promotion literacy sexual global nutrition indigenous aboriginal indigenous sex aging ageing equity social justice HIV AIDS mental health
Religion, Culture & SocietyJudaism Islam Buddhism Christianity contemporary history Israel Palestine middle east Hinduism
Social and Sustainable Innovation, Centre for (CSSI)business strategy corporate responsibility management green carbon footprint social environment human rights
Social Worksocial justice indigenous anti-oppressive children communities family welfare government non-profit protection
Sociologycapitalism gender social problems criminology legal institutions ethics moral panic bio politics society
Software Engineeringcomputer science empirical paradigms autonomous systems licensing intellectual property cognitive
Studies in Religion and Society, Centre for (CSRS)diversity religious groups social services sacred texts contemporary vaccine hesitancy spirituality radicalization
Theatreacting performance directing stagecraft costuming lighting set production dance drama applied administration
Victoria Subatomic Physics & Accelerator Research Centre (VISPA)subatomic physicals global theoretical experimental particle physics astroparticle
Visual Artspainting sculpture photography video media drawing film cinema performance studio artist gallery
Writingpoetry creative nonfiction screenwriting stage film production short story literature journalism
Youth and Society, Centre for (CFYS)literacy adolescence maternity vulnerable population female trauma learning childhood family psychology divorce parenting

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