Assistant Teaching Professor
Office: DTB-A450
Mathematics education and algebraic topology.
Office: DTB-A517
Ergodic theory and dynamical systems.
Associate Professor
Office: DTB-A516
Geometry and topology.
Assistant Teaching Professor; Assistance Centre Manager
Office: NA
Graph theory and mathematics education.
Assistant Professor
Office: DTB-A521
Probability theory, stochastic partial differential equations, and interacting particle systems
Assistant Teaching Professor
Office: DTB-A540
Dependence modelling using copulas and extreme-value analysis
Associate Professor
Office: DTB-A446
Statistical ecology and capture-recapture models.
Associate Professor
Office: DTB-A525
Assistant Teaching Professor
Office: DTB-A441
Mathematical logic and its applications
Office: DTB-A542
Ordinary differential equations, mathematical biology, neural and gene networks.
Associate Professor
Office: DTB-A447
Operator algebras, index theory, hyperbolic groups.
Assistant Professor
Office: DTB-A539
Nonlinear dynamics, Fluid dynamics
Assistant Teaching Professor
Office: DTB-A518
Office: DTB-A549
Graph theory, algorithms and complexity.
Office: DTB-A547
Applied mathematics; Analysis of partial differential equations models arising in Mathematical Physics; Fluid Dynamic and Wave propagation
Professor, Chair
Office: DTB-A550
Applied mathematics and climate modelling. Numerical methods for PDEs, stochastic modelling, atmospheric large scale circulation, tropical meteorology, convectively coupled waves, and parametrization of moist convection (i.e clouds).
Office: DTB-A548
Operator algebras, semi-group crossed products, C*-dynamical Hecke C*-algebras.
Office: DTB-A449
Statistical inference, biostatistics, industrial statistics.
Associate Professor
Office: DTB-A536
Applied math, math biology.
Office: DTB-A442
Discrete mathematics, graph theory, theoretical computing science.
Assistant Professor
Office: DTB-A543
Bayesian statistics, machine learning, neuroimaging
Assistant Professor
Office: DTB-A438
Extremal graph theory, random graphs and processes, graph colouring, bootstrap percolation and related cellular automata, and Ramsey theory
Office: DTB-A541
Graph theory.
Associate Professor, CRC in Biostatistics
Office: DTB-A545
Spatial statistics, statistical computing; neuroimaging statistics; disease mapping; high-dimensional data; Bayesian methods.
Assistant Professor
Office: DTB-A435
Extremal combinatorics, probablistic combinatorics, combinatorial limits, boostrap percolation, graph colourings, computational complexity
Assistant Teaching Professor
Office: DTB-A551
Professor, Canada Research Chair
Office: DTB-A444
Operator algebras, dynamical systems.
Professor; PIMS Site Director
Office: DTB-A538
Ergodic theory and dynamical systems.
Assistant Professor
Office: DTB-A440
Probability theory, Random planar geometry
Assistant Professor
Office: DTB-A436
Quadratic forms and forms of higher degree, projective homogeneous varieties, algebraic cycles, motives, Milnor K-theory.
Associate Teaching Professor
Office: DTB-A537
Mathematics education, discrete math
Office: DTB-A544
Empirical likelihood theory; Statistical methods in climate studies; Biostatistics; Saddlepoint approximation; Robust statistics
Office: DTB-A443
Optimal deterministic and stochastic control theory and its applications, nonsmooth analysis: theory and applications, nonsmooth optimization.
Assistant Professor, Canada Research Chair in Biostatistics and Bioinformatics
Office: DTB-A523
Statistical genomics, machine learning, design of clinical trials, neuroimaging
Office: DTB-A439
Robust statistics, optimal design, statistical computing.