Computing resources


  • Please read the following policies which govern the use of University Information Resources and apply to all staff, faculty, students, and third-parties who access University Information and Information Systems.

Computer accounts

  • Faculty, staff, sessional, students & postdocs - once you have your V number apply for your Netlink ID at
  • Visitors - apply for an affiliate Netlink ID at
  • Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) helps ensure you are the only person who can access your account by verifying your identity with a second factor using a hardware device in addition to your username and password. UVic MFA is required in order to access Banner admin pages, FAST, Exchange email and calendar, and the Virtual Private Network (VPN). To sign up go to the UVic MFA page.


  • You may use a computer at one of the computing facilities on campus.
  • You may borrow a laptop or desktop or display if I have any available. Please contact  to inquire. These tend to be older surplus equipment but will still be good enough for lighter computing tasks.
  • If you are using a computer/tablet for work that was not set up by a UVic personnel please add it to our device inventory.

Computing servers

Hardware purchases

See the Technology Solution Centre and the UVic Computer Store.

Software (site licensed)

Software (TeX/LaTeX)

  • ProText (MikTeX and TeXStudio frontend for Windows)
  • MacTeX (TeXLive and TeXShop frontend for macOS)
  • IPE drawing program which can understand LaTeX.
  • Overleaf (Write LaTeX documents in the cloud)

Network access

  • Ethernet - plug ethernet cable into back of phone or plug into the wall port in your office (not all wall ports are active)
  • UVic wireless (recommended)
  • eduroam wireless (for short term visitors without an affiliate Netlink ID) 
  • UVicStart wireless (primarily used to set up one of UVic or eduroam or UVicGuest)
  • Wireless setup


File storage

(wireless and off campus users must first connect to using Cisco Anyconnect.)

  • ​Work related documents must be stored on UVic file servers. You can also store files on your Office 365 OneDrive but keep in mind those files won't be backed up.
  • If you must store files on your device make sure the disk is encrypted using Bitlocker or Filevault, and make sure those file are backed up using TSM. Anyone who has teaching responsibilities at UVic will find this privacy toolkit helpful.

Printers and photocopiers

(wireless and off campus users must first connect to using Cisco Anyconnect.)

Web page hosting

Teaching resources

Social Media