Call for summer TA applications

There are approximately 20 positions ranging from 49 to 120 hours each, May through August 2024, and distributed as 8 to 12 hours weekly, for 12 weeks. Teaching Assistants mark assignments and midterms, instruct tutorials, or work in the Assistance Centre, which provides one-to-one tutoring with University of Victoria students enrolled in our first and second year Mathematics and Statistics courses.

Renowned mathematical ecologist Mark Lewis returns as Kennedy Chair

From predicting the spread of COVID-19 to protecting polar bears in the wake of climate change, mathematical biology is quickly becoming a vital tool for addressing world problems. During his 30 years in the field, Mark Lewis has been part of its explosive growth. Joining the University of Victoria in 2022 as the inaugural Gilbert and Betty Kennedy Chair in Mathematical Biology, Lewis is well-positioned to strengthen the discipline at UVic, while his numerous research projects continue to have extensive impacts around the world.