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We will provide you with the tools you need for mathematical success, both academically and by providing a positive, welcoming learning environment. Photo: Peter Oshkai.

What we study

Formal mathematics is like spelling and grammar - a matter of the correct application of local rules. Meaningful mathematics is like journalism - it tells an interesting story. But unlike some journalism, the story has to be true. The best mathematics is like literature - it brings a story to life before your eyes and involves you in it, intellectually and emotionally. —Richard Courant, What is Mathematics?

Mathematics is vital training for sharp reasoning and can bring you a tremendous sense of accomplishment. Since the beginning of human civilization, it has captivated people with its distinct beauty formed from elegant proofs and striking results. As an abstract thinker in mathematics, you may also find yourself comparing your work to literature or music.

Because mathematics describes and reveals underlying patterns, no matter what the context, it has applications to almost any field. Mathematics is the fundamental language of science and has illuminated the way towards the modern industrial world and into the heart of the digital era. It will allow you to understand social, biological, and physical phenomena in an effective and powerful way. It opens doors in science, computing, data, economics and environmental science. Mathematical ideas are an essential part of internet search, data encryption, communications technology, climate modelling, disease prevention, and much more.

Years ago a statistician might have claimed that statistics deals with the processing of data. . . today's statistician will be more likely to say that statistics is concerned with decision making in the face of uncertainty. —Herman Chernoff

Statistics is the science of collecting, analyzing, interpreting and presenting data. This fascinating field provides you with the tools to question, understand and react intelligently to information. Statistics informs decision-making in business, science, medicine, finance and public policy. It is integral to interpreting information in the lab, in the office or in the media.

Get an edge for any career

Math is an atomic-powered prosthesis that you attach to your common sense, vastly multiplying its reach and strength. —Jordan Ellenberg, How Not to be Wrong

Mathematicians and statisticians are always in demand! They find hidden relationships and patterns and develop the detailed predictive models useful in almost every industry. Our programs develop the logic, critical thinking, analysis, problem-solving and communication skills that are in demand in all fields. A degree involving mathematics or statistics will prepare you for a career in areas such as health, finance, information technology, education, pharmaceuticals, government, insurance, and academia.

Check out some career possibilities for Mathematics and Statistics majors.

Why UVic Mathematic and Statistics?

Inspired, dynamic learning

Mathematics and statistics have applications in traffic flow, epidemic control, fisheries management, climate science, sports scheduling, cancer research and more.  Some of our researchers apply their efforts to the spectrum of real-world issues, while others are driven purely by the quest to know. With our research-inspired teaching you’ll experience these efforts first-hand from our award-winning lecturers. 

With our co-op program and work experience options, you’ll gain the experience you need to succeed in any career. Our program options provide the flexibility to tailor a degree to your particular interests. View the learning outcomes for our mathematics and statistics programs and see how they can be enhanced by these opportunities.

Research with an impact

Our research impact is recognized by our high rankings from Leiden University Ranking and Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU). Our researchers are creative thinkers who use innovative approaches to solve theoretical and real-world problems in the areas of applieddiscrete and pure mathematics, and statistics. For example, did you know that techniques from geometry and topology can be used in the analysis of big data?  We’re regularly finding new perspectives, new insights, and new solutions. 

Supportive and engaged community

You’ll join a supportive and engaged community in UVic Mathematics and Statistics. The Math and Stats Assistance Centre is a friendly space where you can study, find support, and ask questions of our on-site teaching assistants. Our Statistical Consulting Centre supports researchers across campus, and beyond. There are opportunities to participate in elementary-school outreach and other activities through the Pacific Institute of the Mathematical Sciences.   You can join our student union, Students in Undergraduate Mathematics and Statistics (SUMS), which hosts both social and academic events throughout the school year.  SUMS is an active and influential group who recently won a bid to host the Canadian Undergraduate Math Conference at UVic in 2016!

Our programs

We offer Major and Honours degree programs in:

  • Mathematics
  • Statistics
  • Combined mathematics + statistics
  • Combined computer science + mathematics
  • Combined computer science + statistics
  • Combined physics + mathematics
  • Combined chemistry + mathematics
  • Financial mathematics + economics 

You can also complete a concurrent BSc in Math with a Diploma in Teacher Training.

How to apply

It's easy to apply to UVic online. Get details about admission requirements.

Department visits

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