Opportunities for Mathematics and Statistics Students

Students in our programs have access to a wide and evolving range of extra-curricular educational opportunities. These resources complement curricular resources, thereby helping students attain the high-level goals, but they can also serve as a bridge between their university and professional lives. The following opportunities are current examples:

RISE-Globalink Research Internship (RISE-GRI), which offers undergraduate students at Canadian universities the opportunity to undertake summer research internships at eligible German institutions. 

Spring 2021 

PHYS 280 A02 - Special Topics in Physics - Introduction to Quantum Computing 


The quantum computing course will give an elementary introduction to quantum mechanics - particularly two-level systems, their entanglement and manipulation - and describe how to use them to design simple quantum algorithms. The course includes an experiential learning component where students will get to submit jobs to the IBM-Q and D-Wave Leap quantum clouds. We expect this course will be of particular interest to students in Physics, Electrical and Computer Engineering, and Computer Science.