We offer pretests in order to ensure that students with insufficient or indeterminate prerequisites are prepared for success in MATH 100/109 and MATH 102. 

For students wishing to register into MATH 120,  or MATH 161 who are facing prerequisite blocks - please contact  Please be sure to include your student number.

You may write pretests for more than one course. Separate registration is required for each pretest you are interested in writing. Advanced registration is required. The pretest is based on the Precalculus Review materials;  the 100/109 pretest includes material on trigonometry, and the 102 pretest does not. The Math and Stats Assistance Centre has additional help/review resources for 1st and 2nd year courses.

All pretests are 1 hour long.  Reminders will be sent to all registered students the day before the pretest. Pretests will be delivered online through WeBWorK on:

  • Apr 29, 2024
  • May 6, 2024
  • May 13, 2024

If Admissions has not been able to assess equivalence of your high school mathematics prerequisites, you can gain admission to one of the classes above by writing and passing a pretest. Except as noted below for MATH 100 and MATH 109 pretests are not available to students whose mathematics prerequisites have been assessed as being less than the required standard.

What if I fail the pretest?

If you do not pass a pretest you'll need to take an appropriate upgrading class. You may not write a pretest more than once. For MATH 100 or 102 you should take MATH 120


Transfer credit

If you've transferred to the University of Victoria from a college or university, check whether your high school math prerequisites have been assessed by Admissions and input to the records system. Do this on My page by choosing student services in the left navigation bar, then the grades and records tab , then choose the transfer credit summary tab. Pre-requisite errors are frequently the result of missing information.

For MATH 100 and 109 only, if you've completed BC Principles of Math 12, Pre-Calculus 12, or another course deemed equivalent by Admissions, with a letter grade of less than B, you can gain admission by writing and passing the pretest.  In BC high schools a B corresponds to a numerical score of at least 73%. Other jurisdictions may be different, and Admissions will know.

Credit for MATH 120

Students with a minimum grade of C+ in UVic MATH 120, or a C+ in a course that transfers to UVic as MATH 120, have the prerequisite for MATH 100 and do not need to write the pretest.  Students with a minimum grade of C in UVic MATH 120 or  a C in a course that transfers to UVic as MATH 120 have the prerequisite for MATH 102 and do not need to write the pretest.