Open education resources

Pre-calculus review

Module 1

  • Numbers and Operations (PDF)
  • Fractions (PDF)
  • Integer Exponents (PDF)
  • Intervals (PDF)
  • Graphing Intervals (PDF)

Module 2

  • Functions (PDF)
  • Finding Roots (PDF)
  • Fractions with Variables (PDF)
  • Exponents 1/n (PDF)
  • Polynomials (PDF)

Module 3

  • Rational Inequalities (PDF)
  • Rational Exponents (PDF)
  • Curve Sketching (PDF)
  • Inequalities in the Plane (PDF)
  • Exponential Functions (PDF)

Module 4

  • Function Composition (PDF)
  • Inequalities Involving Rational Functions (PDF)
  • Inverse Functions (PDF)
  • Logarithms (PDF)
  • Systems of Inequalities (PDF)


This material is excerpted from Algebra and Trigonometry Review Material, prepared by Philip S. Crooke, Professor of Mathematics (emeritus) at Vanderbilt University, available online. This excerpt is shared with permission of the author. (PDF)

Math 222 - Discrete and Combinatorial Mathematics

  • Questions (PDF)
  • Hints and short answers (PDF)
  • Full solutions (PDF)
  • Questions and solutions in a single file (PDF)


For additional math and statistics resources see the list compiled by the UVic Math and Stats Assistance Centre.