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Main office: David Turpin Building A425

General inquiries

Phone: 250-721-7437
FAX: 250-721-8962
Office: DTB A425

Registration issues

Phone: 250-721-7459
FAX: 250-721-8962
Office: DTB A425a

Department directory

Mailing address:
Mathematics and Statistics
University of Victoria
Victoria, B.C.
Canada V8W 2Y2
Courier address:
Mathematics and Statistics
University of Victoria
David Turpin Building A425
3800 Finnerty Road (Ring Road)
Victoria, B.C.
Canada V8P 5C2


Chair: Dr. B. Khouider (, DTB A418b, Phone 250-721-7436.

Associate Chair: Dr. L. Cowen (, DTB A550, Phone 250-721-7439.

Assistant to the Chair: Ms. E. Cumming (, DTB A418a, Phone 250-721-7436.

Registration and information

Administrative Officer: Ms. Carol Anne Sargent (, DTB A425a, Phone 250-721-7459. 

It is recommended that you send an email with your student number and your issue.

Academic Advisors

To request academic advice, fill out and submit the appropriate form to the department office.

If none of these forms seem appropriate for your request, schedule an appointment to meet with a departmental undergraduate advisor (see below for the appropriate advisor).
Appointments are booked by contacting the advisor from the list below.
You can expect to wait one or two days for a meeting with one of our advisors.

Undergraduate studies  

Mathematics advising

Dr. Gary MacGillivray 
DTB A442
Phone: 250-721-7448

Dr. Chris Eagle (1st & 2nd year)
DTB A441
Phone: 250-721-7469

Dr. Heath Emerson (Honours)
DTB A447
Phone: 250-721-7462

Mathematics transfer credit

Dr. Jing Huang
DTB A549
Phone: 250-721-7447

Dr. Jane Ye
DTB A443
Phone: 250-721-6160

Statistics advising

Dr. Julie Zhou
DTB A439
Phone: 250-721-7470

Statistics transfer credit

Dr. Min Tsao
DTB A544
Phone: 250-721-7460

Dr. Fan Wu
DTB A438
Phone: 250-721-6332

Graduate studies


Graduate advisor

Dr. Ryan Budney
DTB A516
Phone: 250-853-3292

Graduate secretary

Ms. Amy Almeida
DTB A425
Phone: 250-721-7468

Co-op Coordinator

Arkady Futerman
Co-op Coordinator - Mathematics, Statistics, Chemistry, Physics and Astronomy
Elliot Building Room 118
Phone: 250-721-7713