Bursaries and scholarships

The department's complete list of available bursaries and scholarships as well as general student awards and financial aid can be found at the Office for the Registrar website.

The awards specific to our department are broken down into 5 categories (click on the links below to find out more about each award and how to apply if applicable):

  1. Bursaries (apply)
    • Angus and Annie MacKay Bursary
    • Geraldine Williamson Bursary
    • Robertson Wien Mathematics Bursary
  2. Entrance (apply)
    • Excellence in Math Scholarship
  3. Entrance (no application)
    • Lothar Hermann Redlin Memorial Scholarsip
  4. In-course (apply)
    • Ian and Sheila Barrodale Award in Computer Science and Mathematics Application Form
    • Jesse Short-Gershman Memorial Scholarship
    • W.R. (Bill) Gordon Scholarship
  5. In-course (no application)
    • Angus and Annie MacKay Scholarship
    • Betty and Gilbert Kennedy Scholarship in Mathematics
    • B.W. Pearse Science Scholarship
    • Capstone Award
    • CFUW Victoria Anniversary Science Scholarship
    • Combined Computer Science and Mathematics Scholarship
    • David A. Zalinger Statistics Scholarship
    • James Riddell Memorial Scholarship
    • Lothar Hermann Redlin Memorial Scholarship
    • Marion (Watson) MacLeod Memorial Scholarship
    • Mark Mitenko Memorial Scholarship
    • Mark E. Mooney Memorial Scholarship
    • Marvin Shinbrot Memorial Scholarship
    • Mathematics and Statistics Scholarship
    • Paul Smith Memorial Prize
    • Stephen A. Jennings Memorial Scholarship