Registration FAQ

  1. Is there information on registration available online for students? 

    The Reg 101 site provides an overview of the registration process, with organizational tips, tutorials and next steps. The FYPG (First Year Guide) provides an interactive web experience allowing students to see the courses suggested for their first year. You'll also find links in (My page) under under “Student services/need help?”

  2. Are prerequisites being checked when I try to register? 

    Yes. However, the checking will be turned off for specific groups of students until later in August when the bulk of transfer credit is awarded and high school prerequisites are entered into the registration system. The groups for which prerequisite checking is turned off are: students newly admitted to the most recent Summer Session and the current Winter Session, returning students whose status is currently Visiting, International Exchange, Diploma or Degree Holders with transfer credit. Throughout the summer Student Systems Support Services will run reports to list students who are registered in sections for which they do not have the prerequisites. These reports can be used by departments like ours to notify students of their lack of prerequisites or for dropping students from the sections.

  3. When are the wait list registration offers sent out? 

    Registration offers are made and emails sent to students at 1 pm of each working day.

  4. How long do I have to respond to a wait list offer?   

    Registration offers are sent to your preferred email address and you have 47 hours to accept before the start of term and 23 hours to accept after the start of term. Please watch for a video of how to accept.

  5. Will I receive registration offers from the wait list if there is a hold on my record that prevents registration, such as when I owe fees? 

    No. The wait list monitoring process checks for holds that would prevent registration and an offer is not sent if you have an active hold.

  6. Will I get a registration offer for the wait list if there is a time conflict with the wait listed course and my registered courses? 

    Yes. However, you will receive an error message when you attempt to register and will have to either drop the existing course that conflicts or decline adding the wait listed course.

  7. How do I qualify to write a pretest?

    See the pretests page.