Buying hardware for employees

There are two main ways employees can buy computers at UVic.

The first is to buy from the Microserve portal, an online store that sells select computers and accessories that Technology Solutions Centre (TSC) staff have tested, reviewed and approved. There are lots of advantages to buying these standard computers and we recommend them for most cases.

The second is to use FAST WebReq, UVic’s online requisitioning tool. Find out about WebReq from Purchasing Services. You can use WebReq to buy computers that aren’t listed in the Microserve portal. Requisitions for technology are reviewed by TSC staff in a process called technical approval before Purchasing Services makes the order.

There are also standards and processes for other products like cell phones, office (VoIP) phones, printers and MFDs, videoconferencing and audiovisual technology, servers and network equipment, and digital signage. You can also learn about acquiring software.

Standard computers

The Technology Solutions Centre (TSC) has reviewed and selected a range of standard desktop and laptop computers from Dell and Apple. You can buy standard computers from our preferred supplier, Microserve. TSC standard computers:

  • are delivered within 2 business days
  • come loaded with productivity software to get you started quickly
  • have been thoroughly tested with the UVic network and systems
  • meet or exceed UVic's security standards for confidential data
  • can have warranty repairs done on campus
  • don’t require technical approval

How to buy

You can buy standard computers two ways. We recommend buying them from the Microserve portal. This is the fastest way to get what you need and you can do it as long as:

  • you're a UVic employee
  • all the funding for the purchase is coming from one FAST account
  • the funding source isn’t a research account or a Pro-D account

Go to the Microserve portal now

If you don’t meet the requirements to buy from the Microserve portal, you can still buy standard computers using FAST WebReq. Use the same process as to buy a custom computer, but don’t fill out or attach either request form.

Mandatory use of TSC standards

If you work for an administrative area, you must buy a TSC standard computer or submit a Request for technical approval of hardware and an approved Request for deviation from personal computer standards.

Find out if this applies to you


for help purchasing standard computers.

Custom computers

If none of the TSC standard computers meet your needs, you can request a non-standard computer. You’ll need to submit a request for technical approval for any non-standard computers when you're ready to buy.

If you work in an administrative department, you also need to submit a request for deviation from personal computer standards.

You should consult with your department’s tech support staff or before you select a non-standard computer. We’re happy to make recommendations of models that will work best for you.

How to buy

You can request a non-standard computer using FAST WebReq. Purchasing Services provides support and training for WebReq. When you buy a computer:

Tech approval

All non-standard computer purchases need technical approval. TSC staff will perform the approval when they receive the requisition with all the necessary information.

If you’re not ready to buy or intend to request reimbursement, you can request technical approval by email instead.


For help selecting or sourcing custom computers, . For help with the purchasing process or FAST WebReq, contact Purchasing Services.

Computer accessories

Accessories and peripherals (like mice and keyboards, monitors, USB storage, carrying cases, cables and adapters) don’t require technical approval. We’ve recommended some accessories that are available through the Microserve portal.

Go to the Microserve portal now

If the accessories available on Microserve don’t fit your needs, you can buy others using FAST WebReq or a department C Card. for quotes from Microserve, our preferred supplier.


For help selecting or sourcing accessories, . For help with the purchasing process or FAST WebReq, contact Purchasing Services.

Cell phones

The TSC has selected Apple iPhones as a standard for cell phones. UVic has also negotiated a corporate voice and data plan from Rogers. You can buy standard cell phones and plans from our preferred supplier, Imagine Wireless.

Learn more about standard cell phones and purchasing.

If you want to purchase an Android phone, it will require technical approval.

Office (VoIP) phones

Office phones are stocked and configured by University Systems. We can also set up new phone lines, voicemail, softphones and supply audio conferencing hardware for meeting and board rooms.

Shop office phones now

Printers & MFDs

You can buy standard printers and multi-function devices (MFDs) through Printing Services.

Videoconferencing & AV tech

Contact Media Services if you’re interested in creating a new videoconferencing space or adding new audiovisual tech to an existing meeting space.

Servers and network equipment

if you need to purchase server or network equipment.

Digital signage

UVic’s digital signage program is managed by University Communications and Marketing.