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Book student spaces

We offer spaces for students to:

  • Work on group projects
  • Practice presentations with a full audiovisual set-up
  • Study together
  • Do remote interviews using Zoom or Teams
  • use virtual reality technology in their studies
  • Produce high-quality digital media content

Students are unable to book teaching labs or drop-in labs.

How to book

All UVic students are eligible to book student spaces through our self-service Microsoft Bookings page.

  • You don't need to create an account
  • The calendar displays all available time slots for two weeks at a time
  • You will receive a confirmation email with your booking details
  • Reminders emails are sent for bookings made more than two days in advance
  • You can reschedule or cancel your booking from the link in your confirmation email

Booking guidelines

This is a shared service available to all UVic students. In an effort to provide fair opportunities to all, everyone is expected to follow the same guidelines:

  • No food or open drink containers allowed
  • You have a daily booking limit of 2 hours
  • Be prepared to leave at the end of your booking if there's someone after you
  • If you can't make your booking, please cancel it to free up the time slot
  • Bookings will be held for 15 minutes after the schedule start time
  • All rooms must be vacated 10 minutes before the computer lab closes

If you violate these guidelines, your bookings may be cancelled and future booking privileges may be revoked.

Student project rooms

We have three student bookable rooms in BEC 174, BEC 176, and BEC 188. These rooms are great for group work, practicing presentations, and remote interviews.

There are also two student bookable group work tables in Clearihue A025. These tables are great for group work and practicing presentations. They are not separate rooms, so others may be working nearby.

Media studios

The media studios are available for students, faculty, and staff. These spaces do require a brief orientation before booking.

Digital media studio – HSD A154

This is a small studio space with powerful technology for audio and video recording, editing, and live streaming.

Virtual reality studio – BEC 190

The VR studio allows students and instructors to use cutting-edge virtual reality technology in their studies. We've partnered with UVic Virtual, Geography, Greek & Roman Studies, faculties of Education and Fine Arts, and UVic Libraries to offer content and applications.


If you have any questions about the booking process, you can see a staff member at a support desk or get in touch on our contact us page.