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Using the computer labs

We provide a consistent and safe computing environment to support teaching and learning at UVic. All UVic students, instructors, and staff with active NetLink IDs can sign in to our computers.

If you can’t sign in to our computers or have questions about your NetLink ID, contact us for help.

About the computer labs

Our computer labs are located in three buildings across campus. Each building has:

  • bookable teaching labs
  • drop-in areas with Windows and Mac computers
  • printing using PaperCut
  • media stations with flatbed scanners

Each building has unique features as well.

Business & Economics (BEC)


 Human & Social development (HSD)

Computers in drop-in areas are always available during operational hours. Teaching labs are also open for drop-in use outside of bookings and scheduled maintenance. 

UVic faculty and staff can book teaching labs for academic courses and non-academic events. Learn more on our teaching lab booking page.

Conduct guidelines

The computer labs are a shared resource for the UVic community.

We ask that you respect:

  • our staff if they ask to you move for a booking.
  • any service notices on equipment or rooms closed for maintenance.
  • the no food or open-container drinks policy. Containers that can be sealed are acceptable. No one appreciates messy equipment or desks.
  • the equipment and furniture in the labs. Please do not tamper with or attempt to fix any lab equipment. Alert a staff member instead.
  • UVic policies around the use of technology and getting along with others.

You can help us create a productive learning environment by:

  • keeping your conversations quiet (including cell phones and video calls) while in drop-in labs. Please step outside or book a project room for louder conversations that could distract others.
  • wearing headphones when listening to audio from a lab computer or your own device.
  • avoiding the use of scented products in computer labs. Some products can impact the health of others.
  • remembering that other lab users are working around you. Please refrain from disturbing others with noisy or boisterous activities.
  • reporting any broken equipment to a staff member.
  • following the service guidelines for student bookable rooms.

Our staff will report any unsafe behaviour or misconduct to Campus Security. 

User responsibilities

Computer lab staff are responsible for maintaining the computer labs and equipment. Users are responsible for securing their personal belongings as well as their personal data.

  • Items left in the computer labs may end up at Campus Security's lost & found.
  • Data storage items like USB flash drives that aren't labelled may be securely destroyed.
  • Instructors are responsible for removing any student information from teaching labs after their bookings.

Saving your work

  • Anything you save to the Desktop and Documents folders on Windows lab computers will be stored on your personal home file storage. Anything saved in other folders will automatically be deleted after you sign out.
  • Everything you save to Mac lab computers will be automatically deleted after you sign out. You can access your personal home file storage from the Macs by clicking the blue globe icon on the dock labelled "smb:\\\NetLinkID".


Acceptable Use of Electronic Information Resources

As detailed in University Policy IM7200, the following information is relevant for lab users:

  • The computers and labs are primarily for teaching and learning purposes. Some personal use is acceptable if it doesn’t disrupt academic use. Commercial use is not permitted.
  • When you’re copying digital materials, follow UVic’s copying guidelines.
  • Use of UVic’s lab computers and network is logged and monitored for security purposes.

Discrimination and Harassment

As detailed in University Policy GV0205, the following information is relevant for lab users:

  • all lab users and staff are entitled to a safe workspace. Using demeaning or threatening language towards staff and other users is not permitted.
  • viewing inappropriate material on lab computers is not permitted.

Resolution of Non-Academic Misconduct Allegations

As detailed in University Policy AC1300, the following information is relevant for lab users:

  • Theft, damage, and destruction of university property is not permitted.
  • Refusing staff instructions to leave a computer lab space is considered unauthorized access.
  • Creating disruptive or dangerous situations that endanger others is not permitted.
  • Performing illegal activities in the computer labs is not permitted.