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Nextcloud is a Dropbox-like cloud storage and file sharing service managed and hosted by the Alliance. It provides encrypted data transfers between your devices and the cloud storage.

  • Can store up to 100GB.
  • Data is backed up nightly.
  • Service located in secure data centres in British Columbia.
  • Best used for smaller amounts of research data.
  • Can be synced between devices.
  • Compatible with Windows, macOS, and Linux.
  • Files can be shared with other researchers with an Alliance account.


Nextcloud is available to all Canadian researchers with an Alliance account. You can only share files with other researchers with Alliance accounts. We put together a helpful resource page that covers Alliance account creation and support information.


Nextcloud storage is free for all Canadian researchers. Every Alliance member gets access to the same 100GB quota.


Nextcloud can be accessed through a web portal or through desktop and mobiles apps. You login with your Alliance account information. 

The Alliance support wiki has more in-depth instructions about Nextcloud.


Technical support for Nextcloud is provided through the Alliance. Your support ticket might be resolved by research computing staff from other Canadian universities.

For more tech support topics, see the Alliance tech support wiki page.