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UVic Research file share

Research file shares are familiar to UVic users who already use shared drives for teaching or administrative work. These files shares are accessible from anywhere on the UVic network and allow your research group to easily store and share data.

  • Can store up to 2TB; additional storage options available.
  • Data is automatically backed up nightly.
  • Service is located in secure data centres at UVic.
  • Some features like file version history only available on Windows.
  • Best used for sensitive information or data that isn’t connected to HPC services.


UVic faculty can request a research file share for their project. You can give access to other people at UVic, but it's harder to share with external colleagues.


Research file storage is free to use up to 2TB. If your research project needs additional space, you can buy a larger quota.

Please contact to request a quota increase. 


Research file storage is hosted by UVic. You’ll need to connect to smb://[share][share], where [share] is the name of your research shared drive.

Before you connect to your shared drive on your personal device, make sure that you:

  • Have an Internet connection.
  • Know your NetLink ID and passphrase.
  • Are connected to the Virtual Private Network (VPN) if you are off-campus.

  1. Right click on the This PC and select Map Network Drive.
  2. In the Drive drop-down menu, select [any letter]:.
  3. Type \\[share]\[share] in the Folder field. Replace [share] with the name of your department's shared drive.
  4. Make sure Reconnect at Sign in and Connect using different credentials are selected.
  5. Click on Finish.
  6. When prompted for credentials, enter uvic\ followed by your NetLink ID and passphrase. Click OK.
  7. You should now have access to your research shared folder.

  1. From the Finder menu, click the Go menu. Select Connect to Server.
  2. Type smb:// [share][share]. Replace [share] with the name of your research shared drive.
  3. Click Connect. You can save the share as a "Favourite Server" by clicking on the plus icon before you click on Connect.
  4. Select Registered User. Enter UVIC\ followed by your NetLinkID. Enter your passphrase and click Connect.
  5. The shared drive will now be mounted in your Finder as a drive. It will automatically open.


UVic Research file storage is supported by RCS system administrators. They can provide technical support and answer any questions you may have about your research shared drive.

Research file storage is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. There may be service interruptions due to maintenance. You can be informed of service interruptions by subscribing to Informed.