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Microsoft 365 is a cloud-based service that combines Microsoft Office apps such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint with cloud services like OneDrive, Microsoft Stream, and Microsoft Teams. Microsoft 365 enables UVic to create, share, and collaborate securely on any device.

Our Microsoft 365 environment is always improving. UVic currently has access to:

We announce upcoming features on our Microsoft 365 blog.

Account support

Here are a few common questions about Microsoft 365 accounts at UVic.

I'm new to UVic. When do I get access to Microsoft 365?

Students get their M365 accounts when they register for courses. Staff and faculty can start using Microsoft 365 products on their job start date.

Affiliates can sign up at Online Services once they have a valid NetLink ID.

If you don't have access to Microsoft 365 after course registration or your job start date, please contact the Computer Help Desk for assistance.

How long can I keep my Microsoft 365 account?

You will lose access to your M365 account — including M365 Email and OneDrive — when you are no longer a current student or employee.

We strongly recommend you migrate any important data when you leave UVic. 

I can't login to my Microsoft 365 account!

Your M365 account uses the same login information as your UVic NetLink ID. Make sure to include the part when logging into the Microsoft 365 portal.

If you're having trouble with your NetLink ID, contact the Computer Help Desk. They can help you troubleshoot your account.

International users: Online services like Microsoft 365 are blocked in countries currently under OFAC sanctions by the United States government. Microsoft 365 is a cloud-hosted service so they have to abide by international sanctions.

You can learn more on our international travel and data security information page.

Using your Microsoft 365 account at UVic

This section covers information about UVic policies related to Microsoft 365 as well as some recommendations for safeguarding your data.

Can I use M365 services for personal use outside of my UVic studies or work?

All UVic M365 accounts are subject to the terms of service, which reference several university policies including University Policy IM7200 Acceptable Use of Electronic Information Resources.

The following information from IM7200 is relevant to Microsoft 365 accounts and services:

  • Microsoft 365 services are primarily for teaching, learning, and work related to UVic. Some personal use is acceptable if it doesn't disrupt UVic use.
  • Commercial use is not permitted. This includes use of email addresses for personal business purposes.
  • OneDrive storage is subject to copyright laws. This means you can't store any data that you aren't legally licensed to have (like copies of movies or songs you haven't legally purchased).

You can learn more about UVic policies related to Microsoft 365 accounts and services on our privacy and security page.

Backup your OneDrive account!

It's always a good idea to have backups of your important files. You can set up your computer(s) to sync to OneDrive so you can always access a copy of your data. This is important in case you get locked out of your computer or your computer dies. Plus it's handy to have your files accessible from any computer or mobile device that's signed into OneDrive.

Check out the OneDrive support page to learn more about syncing and backups.

Sign up for UVic MFA for extra account security!

Microsoft 365 is one of the many online resources protected by UVic MFA. You can enable Duo multi-factor authentication on your NetLink ID by signing up for UVic MFA.

Have more questions?

If you have a question that isn't answered on this page, please reach out to the Computer Help Desk.