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Business applications
Business applications

Banner 8 Navigation Guide via Application Navigator
Banner 9 Frequently asked questions
Banner 9 Shortcut Keys
Banner 9 Navigation Guide
Department Leave Entry using Banner
Department Leave Approval using Banner
Department Leave Entry & Approval using Banner - Proxy Setup
Department Web Leave Approval - Proxy Setup
Department Web Leave Approval
Employee Web Leave Entry
Creating server and client side rules using Exchange
Instructor Self Serve
Student Self Serve
FAST Finance accounting documentation
FAST HR Reporting
FAST Student tutorials
FAST Web Requisitioning tutorials
FMIS Self-Service Guide
Access tuition fees estimator, forms and other resources
Course registration tutorials
Request an official transcript online
Changing your preferred email address
Change your preferred name and title
Access courses and grades
Allow pop-ups for the UVic domain: Firefox
Allow pop-ups for the UVic domain: Internet Explorer
Add or edit bookmarks
Manage collections on My page
Allow pop-ups for the UVic domain: Safari
Exchange email and calendar on my page
Allow pop-ups for the UVic domain: Chrome
ONECard - Frequently asked questions
Assign department administrator access
Create a link to another department from your directory
Change your personal directory listing
Update your department's contact information
Update departmental summary listing
Edit an employee's personal contact information
Add an employee to your department's employee listing
Accounts Payable Workflow Guide
Apply for study/administrative leave

Web publishing & hosting
Web publishing & hosting

Restrict access to your website: Windows
Restrict access to your website: macOS
Change access permissions of an item using an SFTP client content migration
Change access permissions of an item using an SFTP client
Restrict access to your website: Windows
Restrict access to your website: macOS
Connect Help and Governance site
Access a SharePoint site
Create a new SharePoint group and assign permissions
Assign user permissions in SharePoint
Break permission inheritance on a list or library
Working with SharePoint Calendars
Add an event to your SharePoint calendar
Create a new SharePoint calendar
Create series items in a SharePoint meeting space
Customize the default SharePoint calendar
Open and edit a file in SharePoint
Connect your document library to Windows Explorer
Hierarchy and inheritance
Change the icon beside your SharePoint site title
Inherit permissions for an item
Introduction to SharePoint
SharePoint list views
Open a SharePoint calendar with Outlook
Edit permission assignments on permission levels
Permission levels and types in SharePoint
Manage permissions and security in SharePoint
Customize the Quick Launch menu
Recover deleted items
Remove user permissions
Apply site themes in SharePoint
Customize the top link bar
SharePoint training sessions
Show or hide tree view
Add a user to your SharePoint site
Versioning in SharePoint
View permissions for users and SharePoint groups
Using the Content Editor Web Part in SharePoint
SurveyMonkey Terms of Service
Departmental web hosting
Insert a table
Creating tasks
Profile builder
Create a YouTube block
Recover a page and folder
Select your default site
Pasting from MS Word
View the publish status queue
Create news - internal
Add a media rotator to a page
Create a media rotator
Create an email link
Cascade icons
Naming conventions
Embedding VoD videos (UVic's streaming video server)
Embedding YouTube videos
Image dimensions
WYSIWYG editor overview
Updating a document
Update billboard rotator
Add an accordion to a page
Create an accordion
Delete a page and folder
External hyperlinks
Internal hyperlinks
Creating page tabs
Create a page and folder
Uploading an image
Page versions
Publishing a page
Viewing and editing a page
Site files and folders
Selecting your site
Creating a link to a document
Uploading a document
Create column boxes
Add column boxes to a page
Create an image wrapper - using browse method
Add an image wrapper to a page
Create news - external
Archiving news
Create an image wrapper - using image upload method
Create a tabs block
Add a tabs block to a page
Uploading multiple images at once
Add a YouTube block to a page
Reorder secondary navigation folder
Create block quotes
Create a YouTube gallery
Add a YouTube gallery to a page
Resizing an image with Pixlr
Hide a page and folder