Data migration

Before you leave UVic, make sure to migrate any personal data you have stored out of UVic services. We've put together some information about how to access and collect your data from some key services before you lose access.

It's important to migrate your personal files before leaving UVic so that you don't lose anything. You will be able to use the Office desktop apps for 30 days after you have left the university, and we recommend migrating your data out before the 30 days is over.

UVic employees cannot migrate any business or work-related files without authorization from your supervisor.


If you have saved files to your UVic OneDrive account, we recommend you back them up on a personal device before you leave UVic. You can do that by syncing your OneDrive folder onto your computer. Make sure you have enough hard drive space to fit everything you need!


Microsoft has step-by-step instructions for using Microsoft Outlook to export emails on Windows from your email account. You may wish to also import the backed-up emails into a personal email account of your own using Microsoft Outlook. 

Microsoft also has step-by-step instructions for exporting emails using Outlook on a Mac. Please note that you may have to revert to legacy Outlook to use the export feature.

It's important to back-up any emails you want to be able to access after leaving UVic. You will lose access to your UVic email account, so make sure to test your backed-up emails before your account is disabled.

Personal Home File Storage

UVic's personal home file storage service can be accessed to retrieve files before you leave UVic. Instructions are available for accessing your files from both macOS and Windows computers.

Options for back up include:

  • Copying to a USB storage device. Make sure your USB device is free of any malware before plugging it into a UVic computer.
  • Connecting to your home folder on a personal computer to drag-and-drop through File Explorer.
  • Emailing your important documents to yourself as attachments.


If you have any questions or need help with migrating your personal data, contact the Computer Help Desk.