What's Allowed on UVic Wireless?

UVic Wireless – Important Information for students!


What network devices are not allowed on campus?

  1. Routers & Switches
  2. Wifi Printers (Bluetooth is OK)
  3. Home automation devices like Wifi-enabled light bulbs (Bluetooth is OK)


Why aren’t they allowed?

  1. Routers and Switches interfere with wireless and wired networks.
  2. Wifi printers broadcast their own network via “Wifi-Direct” and interfere with the UVic wireless network. Use USB or Bluetooth!
  3. Wifi enabled light bulbs and home automation devices cannot communicate across the network because of security settings, you won't be able to control them. Bluetooth enabled lights can work independently from this.


What devices can I bring?

  • Computers and smart phones supporting WPA2-Enterprise security
  • Game consoles
  • Roku devices
  • Android media devices - Amazon FireTV/Echo*, Smart TVs*
  • Smart TVs*
  • Apple TV*

*Casting, mirroring or AirPlay is currently not functional due to security and privacy issues


Why these devices?

These devices support WPA2-Enterprise or WPA2-PSK security.


What is WPA2-Enterprise and WPA2-PSK??

These are wireless security types.
WPA2-Enterprise means you need a username and a password to connect.
WPA2-PSK means you just need a password.


What devices/services won't work?

  • Chromecast
  • Google Home and Home Mini casting
  • Apple Airplay
  • Wireless Printers

Why won’t they work?

These functions are made for home networks, and too insecure for our campus network at this time. Anyone on the network could cast video or audio to your devices, or print to your printer.


Our Wireless Networks

  • UVic: WPA2-Enterprise security. Use your Netlink and password to login.
  • Eduroam: WPA2-Enteprise security for visitors from other campuses. Connect with your username@uvic.ca and password. This will work at participating institutions.
  • UVic-BYOD: WPA2-PSK security for devices which don’t support WPA2-Enterprise. Game consoles, media devices. Requires registration of devices via a web page.
  • UVicStart: Guest wireless network, setup information