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Information for budget administrators

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COURSE: Budget Administrators Onboarding

The purpose of this course is to provide valuable insights and knowledge on various budget topics, including budget models, funding sources, operating budget development, position management, and salary funding.


COURSE: Budget Transfer Training

In this course you will learn the steps to move budget withing the Operating Fund. Once you have completed the course you will be granted access to the Budget Transfer module within FAST.


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Internal accounting

Learn more about internal accounting including:

  • chart of accounts
  • budget transfers
  • cross institutional charge backs
  • cross fund transfers

Position control model

Learn about UVic's position control including:

  • UVic's position control model
  • position flexibility model

Employee groups

Learn more about UVic's employee groups including:

  • account codes
  • Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS) related coding

Faculty compensation information

Learn more about UVic's faculty compensation including:

Support staff compensation information

Learn more about UVic's support staff funding including:

  • position base budget requirement (operating budget)
  • staff funding arrangements by action

Budget terminology

Learn more about budget terminology including:

  • academic equipment fund
  • bridging positions
  • faculty start-up fund
  • salary adjustments
  • sessional budgets