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The eduroam wireless network

The eduroam ( education roaming) network is a world-wide roaming service that allows students, faculty, and staff access to wireless services at cooperating universities without obtaining a guest account. Users visiting participating institutions can login to the eduroam wireless network using the same credentials they would at their home institutions.

Visiting students, faculty, and staff

Students, faculty, and staff from other participating institutions can login to eduroam while visiting the UVic campus. For connection instructions, select your operating system:

UVic students, faculty, and staff

UVic students, faculty, and staff can login to eduroam with NetLink ID credentials while visiting participating campuses.

Participating universities

For a complete listing of participating universities, visit


  • Users must abide by their home institutions' acceptable use policy or equivalent. Users must also abide by relevant laws of the country where they are physically situated, whether at home or abroad.
  • Users should take reasonable steps to ensure that they are connected to a genuine eduroam service prior to entering login credentials.
  • Users must immediately report back to their home organization if their credentials are thought to be compromised.
  • Users should inform the visited organization (where possible) and home organization of any faults with the eduroam service.