Web Requisition 

The web-based purchase requisition application - WebReq - enables users to complete purchase requisitions online and submit them electronically to Purchasing, Facilities Management, Computer Store, Science Stores, Technology Solutions Centre and UVIC Bookstore. 

If you have questions or would like to schedule hands-on training please e-mail purchase@uvic.ca.

How to Access FAST WebReq

In order to gain access to FAST WebReq, submit a "Financial Systems Access Form".

What You Will Need to Complete a WebReq

Before submitting your WebReq to Purchasing, complete the following steps:

  1. Collect all required documents, such as the Quote, Direct Award request form, draft Services Agreement, Proposal, etc. You will need to attach these to your WebReq upon submission.
  2. Secure approval from the designated account authority for the value of the purchase, and obtain approval from any other relevant financial authorities, such as Research Accounting. You will need to forward the WebReq to these authorities for approval before Purchasing can review it. Be sure to ask your approver to write "approved" (or something similar) in the comments box when they pass the WebReq on to Purchasing, so that Purchasing can confirm that the WebReq has been reviewed by the relevant authorities.

How to Submit a WebReq in FAST

Please consult this PDF for detailed instructions on how to submit a WebReq in FAST.