Signing authority

Approval of the account holder, or any delegate, of the FAST account on a Webreq must be provided to Purchasing before the purchase of any good or service can be approved.

  • Signing Authority Policy FM5100:
    • sets out the authorities and responsibilities assigned to authorizers
    • defines who can authorize the purchase of goods or services depending on the cost and classification of the good or service being purchased

Permanently delegate or change signing authority

To delegate signing authority on your FAST account:
  1. complete the delegation of signing authority form
  2. submit the original signed form to Purchasing, Saunders Annex room 110.

To change delegates, increase the approved delegation amount, or extend the delegation period, submit an updated form.

Temporarily delegate signing authority

To grant temporary expenditure authority on your FAST accounts:

  1. Complete the position approval authority - temporary absence form
  2. Submit it via

This delegates approval authority to the dollar limit of the position held by the FAST account holder for the period the position holder is absent from the university

For example, if the Chair of a department is away for 6 weeks, the delegated individual is authorized to approve expenditures up to $100,000 for the six week period that the Chair is absent.

Forms related to signing authority