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Important: Ensure you only install Zoom from UVic resources or directly from

Select the appropriate link for information on how to install Zoom on your computer:

Zoom is also available for iOS and Android:

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There is a ChromeOS client for Zoom but due to feature limitations it is not recommended by University Systems.


With the release of the August 22, 2022 version of the Zoom client, the Zoom mobile app for iOS now requires a 64-bit device. 32-bit devices will have 5.11.3 (4067) as the most recent version available. Since the minimum version of the client required to take part in Zoom meetings in our tenant is 5.11.6 (9890) these devices will not be able to join UVic Zoom sessions. 

This will affect iPhone 5/5C and below, iPad (4th generation and below), and iPad mini 2 and below.

Terms of Service

 Please read and agree to the current Terms of Service prior to using Zoom.