Increase timeouts: Android devices

Please note:  Android devices do not fully support Exchange ActiveSync encryption so they are not recommended standards.

Follow these instructions to reconfigure the timeout on your device. The Exchange Mobile Device Security settings enforces a maximum lock timeout on mobile devices of 15 minutes.

Please note that the following instructions were written using a Samsung Galaxy III and may vary depending on your device. University Systems supports Android devices running version 4 and higher only; all other devices are supported on a best-effort basis only.

Need help configuring Exchange? Visit Configure Exchange: Android.

  1. Go to Settings and press Security.

  2. Press Lock automatically.

    Lock automatically
  3. Select the timeout value you prefer.

    Select your preferred timeout value
  4. The settings will reflect the new timeout value.

  5. After a period of inactivity of the time you specified, the phone will lock. You will need to enter your passphrase to access the device.