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Microsoft campus software licensing benefits

UVic has a Microsoft Enrollment for Education Solutions (EES) licensing agreement.  This agreement provides Microsoft software and services and offers UVic the following benefits:

  • Provides access to Microsoft software (see details below)
  • Grants the ability to upgrade UVic-owned workstations to the latest versions of Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office at any time for no additional cost
  • Enables the use of Microsoft BitLocker whole disk encryption to protect data stored on university workstations
  • Provides the ability for departments to use Microsoft SharePoint to facilitate collaboration
  • Enables all faculty and staff to use the Microsoft Exchange email and calendaring service
  • Permits the installation of the latest Microsoft software for student use in the Computer Labs.
  • Provides the campus with the ability to use Microsoft Active Directory services to manage workstations on campus

This Microsoft licensing agreement enables the university to provide an up-to-date, healthy computing environment.  All departments, faculty, and staff can use the latest technology in support of teaching and learning.

What software is licensed under this agreement?

The following Microsoft products are available for faculty and staff to use on UVic-owned workstations:

  • Microsoft Windows 10 Enterprise
  • Microsoft Office for Windows
  • Microsoft Office 365 for macOS
  • Microsoft Office 365 for macOS and Windows
  • Future versions of Windows and Office

How do I obtain Microsoft software?

Software licensed under this agreement is available from the Microsoft Software Licensing download page.

What is the cost?

This service is funded centrally by the University so there is no charge to departments, faculty, and staff to use the Microsoft software licensed under this agreement. This grants each workstation the ability to use required software tools like Office, and ensures that the workstation can remain current by upgrading the latest versions of Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office for the duration of its use.

Some Microsoft 365 applications are not included in the campus plan and can be purchased at discounted rates. See the TSC software section for more information.



Frequently asked questions

What if I wish to obtain other Microsoft products?

If you are interested in Microsoft products that are not listed above, please contact the Technology Solutions Centre. The TSC can determine whether this product is covered under our existing Microsoft license agreements, or work with you to obtain the product at a reduced cost through our Microsoft supplier.

Can students install software under this Microsoft license?

No. Students are able to use these Microsoft products in computing labs on campus, but cannot install these products on their personal computers.

Can I upgrade my existing computer to the latest Microsoft software?

Yes. Any faculty or staff member can upgrade a UVic-owned computer to the latest versions of Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office under the terms of this agreement.  The computer must meet the minimum technical requirements for the software in order to upgrade.

How do I take advantage of the other benefits listed above?

If you wish to use other Microsoft services, such as Active Directory, please contact your technical support staff or the Computer Help Desk for more information. Participation in Active Directory can allow you to login to your workstation using your NetLink ID and password, store your desktop and documents on a secure network storage location that can be accessed from other workstations, or take advantage of security policies to further protect your computer and the data that it contains.

How do I activate my Microsoft software?

All on-campus computers can be activated automatically using the Microsoft Licensing Service from either a wired or wireless Internet connection. This activation will be performed once every 7 days. If you are off-campus, your software can be activated by bringing the workstation on campus, or by connecting through VPN.