Create anchors

In this tutorial we will cover how to create an anchor and then how to link to it.

To create an anchor:

  1. Place your cursor where you'd like to create your anchor.

    place cursor where you want your cursor

  2. Click on the anchor icon in the WYSIWYG editor.

    click on anchor icon
  3. Enter a name for your anchor in the field provided (be sure to keep it short, simple and easy to remember) and then click OK.

    enter a name for your anchor

  4. You will see that the anchor has been created.

    anchor has been added

  5. Now that the anchor has been created, we can link to it. Highlight the text you wish to link to the anchor.

    highlight the text

  6. Then click on the chain link icon.

    click on chain link icon
  7. Click on Choose File, Page or Link and navigate to find desired page (in this case we are selecting the same page the anchor is on because the links will be at the top of the page in the Table of Contents).

    choose the page

  8. Then enter the name of the anchor you created earlier in the field provided and then click OK.

    enter the name you gave your anchor

  9. You will see that that the hyperlink has been added and it links to the anchor. You can continue to create other anchors as needed.

    anchor has been created