Official transcripts are available to both current students and alumni. Transcripts are confidential and can only be released by online or paper request from the student.

Current students are required to ensure that the grades from the previous session have been recorded on their transcript before the order is placed. It is not possible to hold a transcript order for incoming grades and/or grade changes.   

UVic students applying to all other UVic programs are not required to submit an official UVic transcript and may choose to submit an administrative transcript at no cost.

Your administrative transcript can be accessed via My page.

Order your transcript


In order to request a transcript online, you may need to request a Netlink ID to order online, via My page.

Credit card payments (Visa, MasterCard or American Express) are accepted.

In person

Pay with cash, debit, Visa, Mastercard or American Express at the Office of the Registrar.

By mail

Complete a transcript order form and mail it to:

Office of the Registrar
University of Victoria
PO Box 3025 STN CSC
Victoria BC V8W 3P2

Questions? 250-721-8121 or .

Transcript information

The official transcript includes the student’s entire academic record while at the University of Victoria, with the exception of non-credit courses taken through Continuing Studies and courses taken as an auditor.

These are confidential documents and can only be released by online or paper request from the student. There is a fee to have an official transcript generated and the document is printed on security paper.


  • Regular Transcript Orders- $10.00 per copy
  • Priority Transcript Orders- $17.00 per copy

Includes cost of regular Canada Post mailing if applicable. See Pick up and Delivery options for additional information.

Transcript prices are per copy. Courier prices are per address and can include multiple copies.


  • Credit card payments may only be made in-person or using our online ordering system through My Page. We can no longer accept credit card payments for orders placed via email, fax or phone.
  • Transcript orders will not be processed until payment is received in full.

Processing times

  • Regular Transcript Orders
    Orders are normally processed within 5 business days of receipt (excluding weekends and holidays).
  • Priority Transcript Orders
    Orders are normally processed within 1 business day of receipt (excluding weekends and holidays) or within 30 minutes for in-person requests at the Office of the Registrar (located on the main floor of University Centre).

Third-party forms

If you require a third party document to be included with your transcript, please contact our office and wait for a reply before placing your order online.

Please email with your third-party document attached, and await further instructions before making your transcript request. If your request is urgent, you can reach us at 250-721-8121 during our regular business hours.

Transcript pick-up

Transcripts may be held for pickup at the Office of the Registrar.  Students are required to present photo ID matching the name on the transcript at the time of pickup. 

If you require a third party to pick up the transcript on your behalf you must send an email to  from your UVic email address (or from the email address listed as Preferred on your student record) containing your name, student number and the full name of the pick-up person. 

The third party will be required to provide photo ID matching the name in the email. Please note that the email applies to the individual order in question and will not be considered sufficient to release additional transcripts to the third party in the future.

Transcript orders that are to be held for pick up will be kept for a maximum of three months. Transcripts not picked up within this time frame will be securely destroyed.

Mailed or faxed transcripts

Mailed Transcripts

Transcripts will be mailed out the following day after they are processed via Canada Post. UVic is not responsible for transcripts that are lost or delayed in the mail. Canada Post usually takes between 3-5 business days within Canada. International mailing varies by destination. You are responsible for providing an accurate mailing address.

Faxed Transcripts

Transcripts will only be faxed to postsecondary educational institutions and then prepared for mailing or pick-up as requested. Only two attempts will be made to send the fax. You are responsible for providing an accurate fax number.

There is a $6.00 charge per fax.  This fee will not be refunded if, after two attempts, we are unable to send the fax; if the fax is not received; or if the fax number provided is determined not to belong to an postsecondary educational institution. 


For courier services a complete street address is required with postal code as well as the telephone number of the recipient. Courier services will not deliver to a "box" number. If no street address is provided the transcript will be mailed via Canada Post.

Courier Charges are subject to change.  The following charges are currently in effect:

  • To an address in Canada $30.00
  • To an address in the United States $30.00
  • To an address outside Canada and the United States $47.00
Any return charges that are incurred due to the inability of the courier company to deliver the transcript package or the receiver´s failure to pick up or accept such delivery are the responsibility of the student.

Can I hold my order until graduation?

Regular Transcript orders may be held for the awarding of your degree if you are expecting to graduate at the next convocation ceremony.

Transcript will be processed within three business days of the Senate approval of degrees.

Will dropped courses appear on my transcript?

Courses dropped without academic penalty will not appear on the Official Transcript.

What if I have outstanding fees?

Transcript orders will not be processed for students who have outstanding fees owing to UVic. Please contact  regarding payment of outstanding fees.

Check before you order

Current students are required to ensure that the grades from the previous session have been recorded on their transcript before the order is placed. It is not possible to hold a transcript order for incoming grades and/or grade changes.   

Acces your administrative transcript.


If you do not require an official transcript you can access your Administrative Transcript (AT) on My page.

The AT is accessible at any time and is free of charge.

The following sections are closed by default when the AT is generated: legend, high school and transfer credit. All other sections default open but can be collapsed by clicking the arrow icon. All sections will open if the AT is printed.

To save a copy of your administrative transcript, print the pages as a PDF, then save the generated file.

The word ‘UNOFFICIAL’ appears as a watermark on the AT.

Need an electronic copy of your official transcript?

The University of Victoria does not provide PDF copies of official transcripts.

An official University of Victoria transcript is considered only official when printed by our office, unopened by the student, and sent directly to its destination. 

If you require an electronic transcript as part of an application process to another institution, we suggest that you use your administrative transcript (AT) as part of your initial application.  The administrative transcript is free of charge and can be printed or saved by logging into My page.

Attribute Official Administrative
Official document Yes No
Fee to request Yes No
University seal and Registrar signature Yes No
Student Name First, middle, last or legal First and Last only
Displays preferred email address No Yes
Displays Basis of Admission No Yes
Display Holds Only displays information relating to a manual record Display holds that may affect registration
Display Transfer Credit Abbreviated detail Includes a legend and full detail
Display courses that have been audited No Yes
Display Undergrad and Law level undeclared field of study (status is ‘IN PROGRESS’) where applicable No Yes
Display graduate level sessional gpa and cumulative gpa No Yes
Display non-gradable sections (e.g. labs) No Yes
Display the Academic Writing Requirement No Yes
Display canceled/withdrawn Sessions No Yes
Display admit type Display only Visiting admit type Yes
Display student type Display only International Exchange and Outgoing Exchange student types Display Auditor, International Exchange and Outgoing Exchange
Display courses that were dropped after September 1976 No Yes
Display the term of convocation with the cumulative GPA Yes No
Display applications for graduation No Yes
Display course section number No Yes
Display course and status when status is waitlisted or registration offer No Yes
Display dropped courses with drop date No Yes
Display courses withdrawn under extenuating circumstances Yes - with WE note excluded from calculation of all grade point averages Yes- with a date that relates to the fee refund granted
Display drop deadlines for currently registered course No Yes- online version displays applicable tuition fee drop dates and academic drop dates for currently registered courses

View the current official transcript legend

You can view the current legend displayed on the official transcript. Supplemental information can be found below.

Language of instruction

The University of Victoria’s primary language of instruction is English.

Grading system

Effective May 2014

The University of Victoria (UVic) uses the grading systems shown in the UVic calendar. The grading scale for the evaluation of course achievement at UVic is a percentage scale that translates to a 9 point GPA/letter grade system. Comparative grading is displayed when appropriate.

Comparative Grading N/A (effective 2014 Summer Session)

N/A is displayed if comparative grading is not available. This may be due to the class having less than the minimum number of students (six), the student has a temporary grade, or less than 80% of the grades have been submitted. 

Grading System prior to 2012 Summer Session

Prior to 2012 Summer Session, UVic used the letter grades and grade point values shown on the legend.

Effective September 1965

The University of Victoria used a numeric grading system. The maximum mark obtainable was 150, with a pass being 75. Each mark was assigned a standing as follows:

  • Class I: 120 - 150 (80%-100%)
  • Class II: 98 - 119 (65% - 79%)
  • Pass: 75 - 97 (50% - 64%)


Effective September 1965

The following abbreviations appear on transcripts:

  • S: Supplemental
  • F: Failed
  • D: Deferred
  • N: Did not write or incomplete
  • E: Exempt
  • C: Completed
  • DR: Dropped
  • DU: Duplicate
  • M/X: Mutually exclusive

Note regarding the DU and M/X notations

These two abbreviations indicate credit has not been granted for the same (DUP) or similar (MX) course. Credit can be obtained for a course only once.

Classification of student status

The University of Victoria has the following classifications of student status:

  • Regular
  • Regular (outgoing exchange)
  • Special (non-degree, visiting, qualifying, international exchange, Canadian university graduate transfer, graduate research or Western Deans' Agreement)

Program of study

Students' program of study will appear below each session heading. Details will not display until the program has been formally declared. All doctoral students are admitted as provisional candidates until they have passed their candidacy examinations.

Sessional standing

Sessional Standing (graduate students)

Effective 2008 Summer Session, an explanation of sessional standing for graduate students will appear where course work has been completed at UVic. Sessional standings are: In Good Academic Standing, Review Required, Standing Pending Grades, or Standing Pending Grades – Registration Blocked.

  • In Good Academic Standing
    A graduate student with a sessional grade point average of 5.0 or above is considered to be in good academic standing.
  • Review Required
    A graduate student with a sessional grade point average of 0.00 to 4.99 (regardless of registered course load) is considered to have unsatisfactory standing and will be placed under review by the student’s supervisory committee with a recommendation to the Dean of Graduate Studies. Registration will be blocked in the next session until approved to do so by the Dean. ‘Review Required’ will be displayed on subsequent sessions until remedial requirements are satisfied.
  • Standing Pending Grades
    Academic standing for the session cannot be assigned until all missing grades have been submitted.
  • Standing Pending Grades - Registration Blocked
  • Academic standing for the session cannot be assigned until academic performance has been reviewed.
Since September 1975

The recording of units of credit is no guarantee that any or all such credit is applicable to the specific degree program selected by the student.

Current sessional GPA and academic standing regulations are found in the calendar:

Prior to September 1975

A sessional GPA was shown only for students taking at least 1.5 units of work and, in addition, if a grade of at least a D was attained in each course, they were placed in one of the following categories:

  • First class: a GPA of 6.50 or higher
  • Second class: a GPA between 3.50 and 6.49
  • Pass: a GPA between 1.00 and 1.99

Cumulative grade point average (undergraduate and Law only)

Since September 1992, the cumulative grade point average (GPA) is based on courses taken or challenged in session(s) where a final sessional GPA has been determined. Excluded courses are those with grades of COM, F/X, N/X; courses taken on exchange since 2003 summer; undergraduate supplemental grades.

If a student takes a course beyond a first undergraduate degree, or transfers to the LL.B/J.D. program, a further cumulative GPA will be calculated excluding those courses completed prior to the granting of the first degree or entry to the LL.B/J.D. program.

Undergraduate Law degree

The requirements for the J.D. remain the same as those for the LL.B. Only the degree designation name was changed. All students awarded the LL.B. degree prior to November 2010 have the option to exchange their LL.B degree parchment for a J.D. degree parchment; however, the LL.B. degree designation will remain unchanged on the student's official transcript.

Class of degree (undergraduate only)

Since May 2010

The notation "with distinction" indicates that the students graduating GPA is within the top 20% of those graduating in their academic unit. This designation is not available with the Faculty of Law, the Faculty of Graduate Studies, or the Division of Continuing Studies.

For more information, see the academic calendar: standing at graduation.

From May 1996 to May 2010
  • With distinction* (minimum 6.50 graduating GPA required for graduation),
  • Pass (minimum 2.00 graduating GPA required for graduation)

*Minimum grade for designation is 7.00 for Faculty of Human and Social Development, Faculty of Engineering, Bachelor of Engineering, and Bachelor of Software Engineering.

"Class of degree" designations above do not apply to the LL.B/J.D.

Prior to May 1996
  • First,
  • Second, or
  • Pass (minimum 2.00 graduating GPA required for graduation)

PhD Dual Degree

PhD courses, candidacy exam, and dissertation completed within a dual degree program which is both jointly supervised and awarded by the University of Victoria together with a partner university has been approved by the university senate as a PhD Dual Degree. The degree parchment provided by each institution will reference the dual nature of the program.

Credit recognized for authorized exchange programs

Courses completed on approved exchange programs are entered on the student's sessional record as exchange credit; no letter grades are recognized (only COM/fail is recorded.)

Visiting International Research Studies

Credit awarded for a VIRS course is not applicable towards a UVic degree program.

Transcript questions?

Contact the Office of the Registrar for any questions regarding your transcripts.
  • To save a copy of your administrative transcript, print the pages as a PDF, then save the generated file.
  • If you don't have your V-number please call 250-721-8121.
  • For all Continuing Studies inquiries please contact .