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Adobe software licensing FAQs

Can I use cloud storage or services with Adobe Creative Cloud?

We do not recommend using cloud storage as the data is stored in the United States. Before cloud storage or collaboration services can be used, you must consult with the Privacy Office to ensure the use will meet UVic policy and BC privacy laws. Cloud storage and collaboration features are available for approved uses.

Can students use Adobe Acrobat DC or Adobe CC licenses?

No. Students are only able to use these Adobe products in computing labs on campus. Students cannot install these products on their personal computers.

How do I install the Adobe software?

If your department has Desktop Support Services, please contact your DSS analyst to receive your software.

If you are not supported by DSS, please see this instructions from Adobe:

What if I wish to obtain other Adobe products?

If you are interested in Adobe products that are not listed above, please contact the Technology Solutions Centre. The TSC can determine whether this product is covered under our existing Adobe license agreements, or work with you to obtain the product at a reduced cost through our Adobe supplier.

Can I upgrade my existing computer to the latest Adobe software?

Yes. Any faculty or staff member can upgrade a UVic-owned computer to the latest versions of Adobe products under the terms of this agreement. The computer must meet the minimum technical requirements for the software in order to upgrade.

Can I use Adobe software on my personally-owned computers?

No. The license agreement only applies to UVic-owned computers.