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Role-based email

Role-based emails are addresses that are used to represent a role or group, such as a department chair, department or program. These addresses are ideal if you want:
  • To manage emails and calendars using individuals with shared-access or in a group environment. An example shared email address may look like:
  • To manage an email address that will allow individual users or group-members to change over time. 
  • Each eligible group member to have access to the email inbox and calendar using their primary NetLink ID.

A role-based email is not able to login to other UVic services such as FAST, Banner, wireless networks, computer labs, or SharePoint.  It can only be used for email and calendaring.

Each role-based email address is an Exchange email and calendaring account and can be used and accessed using the methods available to email and calendaring for faculty and staff.

Your role-based email will be active for a maximum of two years. You will receive email notifications near the end of the subscription period prompting you to renew your role-based email.

Terms of Service

All computing usage at UVic, including role-based Email addresses, are subject to UVic policies including IM7200 and IM7800. Review the Terms of Service for further details.

Create and manage your role-based email