University Systems help centre

University Systems is pleased to provide hardware assistance for PC and Mac computers.

Technical Services

Technical Services technicians are A+ certified to warranty repair and service Apple, Dell, and Lenovo computers. Our technicians are federally and provincially certified electronics technicians and technologists and have vendor-specific training.

Computer Help Desk

Hardware-certified consultants at the Computer Help Desk can assist with user-installable computer hardware, such as hard drives and RAM.

Servicing your computer

If you are experiencing hardware problems with your computer or would like to upgrade components, please bring it to the Computer Help Desk in Clearihue C143 for consultation. A consultant can check in your computer for service and, if necessary, transfer your device to the Technical Services technicians.

If you have a Technology Solutions Centre (TSC) Standard PC that was obtained through the Technology Solutions Centre (TSC), please bring your computer to the TSC in Clearihue C143.

If your department has Desktop Support Services, contact your support person.

For PC-hardware repairs not supported by on-campus staff, contact your computer's manufacturer.