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Clearihue (CLE)

Exterior of the Clearihue building at UVic

The Clearihue Building (CLE) contains the Faculty of Humanities, Technology Solutions Centre and Computer Help Desk.

It also contains computer labs for student, faculty and staff use.

Rick Hansen Foundation Accessibility Certification™ report for CLE.



CLE is the oldest academic building on campus. The building was constructed in 1961, with an addition built in 1971.

Judge Joseph Badenoch Clearihue

Judge Joseph Badenoch Clearihue (1887-1976) was a student in the original Victoria College, class of 1903-1904. He was Chair of the Victoria College Council from 1947 to 1963, and played a major role in creating the University of Victoria (UVic), of which he became the first chancellor (1963-1966).