Site assets

  1. The assets folder in your site contains many other folders for blocks, css (cascading style sheets), docs (documents), images and js (javascripts).

    assets folder image

  2. The content folder under blocks is where all of your various types of blocks are stored: accordions, billboards, buttons, expand-collapse, image-wrappers, media rotators, etc. 

    assets blocks content image

  3. All of your various documents (i.e. PDF documents) are stored in the docs folder.

    docs folder image

  4. The images folder contains other folders for different sized images: billboards, column box, mains, profiles, etc.

    assets images image

  5. When clicking on the billboards folder we see there are many images stored inside.

    assets images billboards image

  6. To view the images visually rather than by name, you can click on the thumbnail view.

    thumbnail image
  7. You can easily find the image you're looking for.

    thumbnail view image