Create a tabs block

To create a tabs block:

  1. Click on Add Content at the top left of the window.
      add content
  2. Select UVic Blocks.

    select add uvic block
  3. Select Tabs.

    select tabs
  4. Enter a System Name for your tabs block. You will see that the Placement Folder show's tabs because we selected a tabs block.

    enter system name
  5. Leave the Display Name as is.  It is a required field but doesn't actually display. You can also include a description if you wish (not required).

    disregard display name
  6. Leave the Tabs radio button selected.

    leave tabs radio button selected
  7. Scroll down to the first tab section and enter a Section Title in the field provided, and add some text in the content area. Be sure to hit the enter key on your keyboard after you enter the text, to apply the necessary paragraph formatting.
    enter section title
  8. To add additional tab sections, click on the green plus (+) icon.

    add additional sections
  9. To reorder tabs, click on the up or down arrows.

    reorder accordion sections
  10. To delete an tab section, click on the red X icon.

    delete accordion sections
  11. When you are finished, click on the ellipsis and then click on submit.

  12. You will see that your tabs block has been created and appears under assets > blocks > content > tabs.

    tabs have been added to tabs folder under assets