Create column boxes

To create column boxes:

  1. Click on Add Content at the top left of the window.
      add content
  2. Select UVic Blocks.

    select add uvic block
  3. In this example we will select 2 Column boxes. This block is conveniently set up with one row and two column boxes. To add additional column box rows, come to a drop-in session and we will show you how. 

    select 2 column boxes
  4. Enter a System Name for your accordion. 

    enter name for column box
  5. Leave the Display Name as is.  It is a required field but doesn't actually display. You can also include a description if you wish (not required). 

    disregard display name
  6. Underneath Multi Column block you will see there is one Row provided. Be sure to leave the check mark beside Yes selected. (Note: If you were to deselect the Yes box, your column boxes would just appear as multi-column text, in which case you wouldn't necessarily need a title or image). 

    check mark yes
  7. You will see that each column box width is set to half.
    column width set to half
  8. Change the first Column Title heading to your desired heading.

    column title
  9. Once you have changed the heading, be sure to hit enter on your keyboard and then click on the image icon in the WYSIWYG editor to locate and insert a column box sized image.

    hit enter and select image icon
  10. Be sure to leave Internal selected and then click on Choose File.
    leave internal selected click choose
  11. Then click on Browse to navigate and find an image in your assets folder.
    click browse
  12. Once you have located the image, click on the radio button beside it to select.
    select the image
  13. And then click on Choose.

    click choose
  14. You will see that the image has been selected and the path is displayed. Be sure to include a short description of the image in the box beside Image description.

    image selected
  15. Note: we recommend not adjusting the dimensions of the image within Cascade. It is best to size images properly before uploading them into Cascade. 
  16. When you are finished, click OK.

    click ok
  17. You will see that the image has been added to your column box. Hit enter on your keyboard and enter some text.

    add text and enter
  18. Note: your column box headings and images should both link off to a page in your site.
  19. Scroll down to the second column box and enter the desired heading and follow previous steps above.
  20. When you have completed the second column box, click on the ellipsis and then click on submit.


  21. You will see that the column box has been saved under assets > blocksmulti-column.

    column box added to assets
  22. Now that your column box is created, you can add it to a page.