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All students at the University of Victoria have the ability to create an email account. UVic email accounts contain the domain and provide you with 1 GB of storage space. Email is used for university communications, including emails from instructors and important notices.

Create a UVic email account

When you sign up for a NetLink ID, you will also be issued a UVic email account. Your email address is your To activate your UVic email address, login to the student WebMail system.

Only current students can create a UVic email address. Student applicants are not eligible.

Check your Email

UVic email accounts can be accessed by visiting using an Internet browser. No configuration or setup is required.

Self Service

Configure your desktop email client

If you would like to check your email using a desktop email client or mobile device, please see the instructions for supported email clients, below.

Mail server information
IMAP (incoming)
SMTP (outgoing)

University Systems recommends IMAP (discover the difference between POP and IMAP).