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1.  The WYSIWYG editor in Cascade is very similar to the buttons in MS Word.

wysiwyg editor

2.  You can apply styles such as file, email, phone, pdf and zebra.

apply styles

3.  Use the format drop-down box to apply paragraph styles and headings.

paragraph formatting

4.  Cut, copy, paste and paste as plain text.  Note: When cutting and pasting from Microsoft Word, use paste as plain text to avoid copying over any extraneous code that may cause problems with your site.

cut copy and paste

5.  Create bulleted or numbered lists.

create lists

6.  Indent or outdent text.

indent outdent

7.  Insert and undo hyperlinks.

internal external hyperlinks

9.  Insert images.

insert images

10.  Insert a table.

insert table

11.  View the main content area in full-screen mode.  When you are finished viewing in full-screen mode, click on the icon again to return to normal viewing.

full screen