WYSIWYG editor overview

  1. The WYSIWYG editor in Cascade is very similar to the buttons in MS Word. You will see that various options are available under the Edit, Format, Insert, Table, View and Tools drop-down menus.
    wysiwyg editor
  2. The Edit drop-down menu enables you to cut, copy, paste and paste as plain text. You also have the option to select all of the contents within the main content window.

    edit tab
  3. The Format drop-down menu enables you to change the formatting (i.e., bold, italic, underline, etc.).

    format drop down
  4. The Insert drop-down menu enables you to insert hyperlinks, links to documents, insert an image, insert/embed a video, horizontal line, etc.

    insert drop down
  5. The Table drop-down menu enables you to insert a table, table cells, columns and rows. For assistance with creating tables, please come to a drop-in session. This content is not covered in the classroom training.

    table drop down
  6. The View drop-down menu enables you to view visual aids and view paragraph blocks.

    view drop down
  7. The Tools drop-down menu enables you to check spelling, view the page source code and view the WYSIWYG editor in fullscreen view.

    tools drop down
  8. To create proper headings, click on the Formats drop-down menu and select a heading. Note: Heading one is reserved for the page title, so the next size heading you would choose would be Heading 2.

    format headings
  9. To apply custom styles such as file, email, phone, external, pdf, zebra, etc., click on the Formats drop-down, select Custom, and choose a style.

    custom styles

  10. You can create bulleted or numbered lists.

    create lists

  11. Indent or outdent text.

    indent and outdent text
  12. The chainlink icon enables you to insert internal hyperlinks, external hyperlinks, links to documents, etc. To remove a hyperlink, select the text and click on the break chain-link icon.

    insert hyperlinks
  13. You can quickly insert images by clicking on the image icon.

    insert images icon
  14. You can also view the main content section in full-screen mode by clicking on the full-screen icon. To revert to the normal view, click on the full-screen icon again.

    full screen mode