Update billboard rotator

To update the billboard rotator:

  1. Navigate to the main index page for your site and click on ...More in the top right of the window.

    click on more
  2. Click on Show Regions.

    click on show regions
  3. Click on Billboard.

    click on billboard
  4. Right click on the block.

    right click on block
  5. And select Edit.

    select edit
  6. Under Billboard Sites you will see that Randomize is selected. This way, every time you click on the main index page for your site, the images will appear in random order. 

  7. Scroll down to the first Billboard Image section.  Click on the green plus (+) icon to add another billboard image section. An empty section will be created just below.

    click on the green plus icon
  8. Scroll down to the empty billboard image section and click on Choose File.

    click on choose file
  9. Click on Browse and navigate to find the image in your site's assets folder.
    click on browse
  10. Once you've located the image, click on the radio button beside it to select.

    select the desired image
  11. And then click on Choose.

    click on choose
  12. You will see the image has been selected and the path is displayed.  Add a Title for the image.

    image path displayed enter title
  13. Add some Image Alt Text for the image (a short description of the image). Images in your billboard rotator should link off to a page in your site.  Enter an internal link to the relevant page in the Link field.

    enter alternate text and internal link
  14. Enter a short caption for the image under Description (recommended: 150-240 characters)

    enter a caption
  15. When you are finished, click on the ellipsis and then click on submit.