Notices & Bulletins

Notices or bulletins contain important information regarding services offered by University Systems. These may include campus communications regarding changes to services or new service offerings, notification of large-scale planned outages, or recommendations on newly released software. Select any of the messages below to learn more.

macOS Big Sur and Apple Silicon release

macOS Big Sur (version 11.0) is the latest release of the Apple operating system for Macintosh workstations. Apple has also started shipping Mac Minis, Macbook Airs, and the 13" Macbook Pro with Apple Silicon (M1) chips. University Systems does not recommend upgrading to Big Sur or purchasing new Apple hardware with the new M1 processor due to known software incompatibilities. At this time we cannot provide technical approval for purchases of M1 Apple Macs. We will continue to update this bulletin as we test additional features and compatibility with Big Sur and the M1 Macs.

Simulated Phishing Training

University Systems will start simulated phishing training for UVic email accounts in February 2021. Simulated Phishing Training is a recognized approach for cybersecurity awareness and training to reduce risks associated with phishing. Simulated Phishing Training consists of generating emails that resemble real phishing emails we have received, and sending 3-4 such simulated phishing emails to UVic email accounts on a monthly basis.