Notices & Bulletins

Notices or bulletins contain important information regarding services offered by University Systems. These may include campus communications regarding changes to services or new service offerings, notification of large-scale planned outages, or recommendations on newly released software. Select any of the messages below to learn more.

Student email upgrade to M365 email

We’re excited to announce that Microsoft 365 accounts will be provisioned for all students by September 2022. The Microsoft 365 collaboration suite will give you access to Microsoft Office, including Microsoft Teams for courses or clubs, OneDrive to store or share coursework, and a feature-packed email service. As part of these changes, Microsoft 365 email for students will become the email service provider for all students and your UVic email will be automatically upgraded by September 2022.

Update your Zoom client

Zoom regularly releases new versions of the Zoom Client to add features, resolve issues, and patch security vulnerabilities. To ensure you are protected against vulnerabilities in the Zoom Client and can use the latest features of Zoom in your online meetings, UVic will be implementing a minimum version requirement of 5.8.4 for all UVic Zoom accounts on December 22, 2021.