Resizing an image with Pixlr

This tutorial covers an easy way to crop and resize images, with no special software required. Do not try to use Cascade to resize your images.

  1. Go to Click on OPEN PIXLR EDITOR.

    open editor

  2. On the pop-up window, choose open image from computer.

    click open image on computer
  3. Navigate on your computer to find the image. Select your image and then click Open.
  4. When the image opens, be sure the crop tool is selected. It is the uppermost left tool in the Tools box. Click on the Constraint drop down menu and select Output size and then enter the desired width and height (using the appropriate dimensions). Note: If you aren't sure where you will use the photo, crop it to both the billboard and main image sizes.

    select output size
  5. Click your cursor in the top left corner of the image and drag the crop tool to select the area, and then let go of your mouse. You'll notice a grid now appears over top of the image, and you can drag the grid to include what you want in the photo. When you are finished, you can click on the gray area anywhere outside the image to make the selection.

    use crop tool to crop image
  6. You'll be asked if you would like to apply the changes. Click Yes.

    apply changes
  7. Your photo is now cropped. If your photo looks too small, it is probably zoomed out. In the lower left hand corner is your zoom percentage. Delete the number and type in 100 to see your photo at full-size.

    photo cropped click zoom if necessary
  8. Click on File, and then Save... 

    click file and select save

  9. Choose JPEG as the format and about 80% quality. A good output size is about 35 KB, but double check your saved photo to ensure the quality is sufficient. Then click OK.

    click ok

  10. Be sure to change the name of your photo in order to save the cropped version as a copy, then navigate to where you'd like to save your photo and click Save

Tips: Always keep full-sized originals, you never know when you might need them! Remember to only use lowercase letters, numbers and dashes in your file names. Never use spaces! Start the name your cropped photo with the reference to what it will be used for:

  • billboard-students-studying.jpg would go on your homepage
  • main-fountain-summer.jpg would be for a picture on the other pages of your site
  • profile-doe-jane.jpg would be for a profile page