Creating a link to a document

In this example, we will link to a PDF document.

Other acceptable file formats are: .jpg, .doc, .docx, .xls and .xlsx

Important notes about pdf documents:

  • Avoid using .PDF document in your site as much as possible, as the content in a PDF cannot be indexed (searched). UVic's website uses Google indexing.
  • Only use a .PDF document when the content cannot be duplicated via a page.
  • PDF documents should not replace primary content.
  • Always indicate the number of pages and file size next to the PDF link (e.g., Canada's Food Guide (4 pgs, 156kb). This is particularly useful information for users viewing your website on their mobile device. Clicking on the PDF document may result in unwanted data usage.

To create a link to a PDF document:

  1. Navigate the desired page and click on Edit.
  2. Select and highlight the text you wish to hyperlink and then click on the chain link icon.

    highlight the text
  3. Leave Internal selected and click on Choose File, Page, or Link to link to a PDF document.

    select internal
  4. Click on Browse and navigate to find the PDF document in your site's assets folder.
    click on browse
  5. Once you have located the document, click on the radio button beside it to select.
    select desired document
  6. Then click on Choose.

    click on choose
  7. Select PDF under Class and then Ok.

    select pdf class and click ok