Create a media rotator

Unlike the billboard rotator which only appears on your site's home page, a media rotator can be placed on any main index page in your site. Note: The minimum number of images in your media rotator is three and the maximum is six.

To create a media rotator:

  1. Click on Add Content at the top left of the window.

    click on add content
  2. Select UVic Blocks.

    select uvic blocks
  3. Select Media rotator from the list provided.

    select media rotator
  4. Enter a system name for your media rotator.

    enter system name
  5. Disregard the Display Name. Although it is a required field, it isn't displayed. You can also include a Description if you wish (not required).

    disregard display name
  6. Under Media Rotator sites you can select Yes if you would like the images to be randomized. You will also see that only one Media block has been provided. 

    leave randomize selected
  7. Click on Choose File to navigate and select an image in your site's assets folder. Note: you can leave Title blank as it will not appear in the rotator.

    click on choose file
  8. Enter the Image Alt Text for the image (a short description of what the image is), and include a Caption.

    enter alternate text
  9. To add addtional Media blocks, click on the green plus (+) icon. A new section will be created just below.

    click on green plus icon
  10. Repeat steps above until you have added all of your Media blocks.
  11. When you are finished, click on the ellipsis and then click on submit.


  12. You will see that the media rotator has been created and saved under assets > blocks > content > media-rotators.

    media rotator created