Reorder secondary navigation folder

To reorder a secondary navigation folder in your site:

  1. Navigate to the secondary folder and click on it, so it displays in the preview panel on the right.

    select the secondary folder
  2. In the preview panel, you MUST first click on the Order column heading.

    click on Order column heading
  3. Then you can drag the folder to the desired location. In this example we are dragging the wheat folder so it is above the barley folder, which is in the grains folder.

    drag desired folder
  4. Or, you can select the check box beside the wheat folder, and then click on the up/down arrow to move it to the desired location.

    up down arrows
  5. You will see that the wheat folder is now above the barley folder.

    folder is dragged to new location
  6. When you are finished reordering the secondary folder navigation, you will need to publish only the grains folder, not the entire site, as this change only affects the navigation in the grains folder.

    publish grains folder