Cybersecurity awareness for students

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Every day we take steps to ensure the protection of our personal items that are valuable to us; why not take the necessary steps to protect our online information? At the University of Victoria, we all play a part in the security of ourselves and others. Understand cybersecurity, be #UVicCyberAware.


How do I stay safe? 

  • Educate yourself - Familiarize yourself with best practices and safe computing habits. 
  • Create strong passphrases - Create strong and distinct passphrases for your accounts, and do not share them with anyone! 
  • Secure your devices and computers - Your personal devices often contain sensitive and confidential data. Ensure you are taking the necessary steps to keep this data safe, like keeping your computer's operating system, anti-virus and software updated and backing up your data. 
  • Stay aware of potential scams - Avoid tricks and traps used to get confidential information about you and your accounts by staying up to date on known scams. 

Contest alert!

From September 11 – October 31, 2020, take the 2020 UVic Cyber Aware quiz on Brightspace to enter to win one of five $100 VISA Gift Cards. Review the contest details and regulations for more information.  

Additional Information

Hungry for more cybersecurity related tips and tricks? Get all the information you need to help protect your devices and yourself in the following pages: