Uploading an image

To upload an image:

  1. Click on Add Content.

    click on add content
  2. Click on Image Upload.

    click on image upload
  3. Disregard the system name as the image will be named whatever it is saved as on your computer, and click on the Placement Folder to select the desired folder.

    click on placement folder
  4. Click on Browse and navigate to find the mains folder which is in the images folder in your site (assets > images > mains).
    click on browse
  5. Click on the radio button besdie the mains folder to select it.

    click on radio button beside the mains folder
  6. Click then click on Choose.

    click choose
  7. You'll see the mains folder now appears as the placement folder.

    mains folder selected
  8. Now, drag or drop the image from your computer in the area provided, or you can click on choose to navigate and select an image on your computer.

    drag and drop
  9. You'll see the image has been received.

    image has been received
  10. Now that you've selected the image, you can on the ellipsis and then click on submit.


  11. You'll see that the image has been uploaded into the mains folder.

    image has been uploaded to mains folder