Create an image wrapper - using image upload method

To create an image wrapper using the image upload method:

  1. Click on Add Content at the top left of the window.
      add content
  2. Select UVic Blocks.

    select add uvic block
  3. Select Image Wrapper.

    select image wrapper
  4. Enter a System Name for your image wrapper. You will see that the image-wrappers folder is already selected as the designated placement folder.
    enter system name
  5. Leave the Display Name as is.  It is a required field but doesn't actually display. You can also include a description if you wish (not required).

    disregard display name
  6. Under poloroid-banner-image click on Choose File.

    choose file
  7. Click on Upload.
    click on upload
  8. Drag the image into the area provided or click on choose to navigate and locate the image on your computer.

    drag and drop or click choose
  9. You will see that your file has been received.

    file received
  10. Next you need to select a placement folder where you'd like to save the uploaded image. You'll see that your site has already been selected in the drop-down box.
  11. Click on the main folder for your site.
    training 2015 folder
  12. Click on the assets folder.

    click on assets folder
  13. Click on the images folder.

    click on images folder
  14. Click on the mains folder.

    click on mains folder
  15. Click on the radio button next to the mains folder to select it.
    click on radio button beside mains
  16. Then click on Choose.

    click on choose to select
  17. You will see that the image has uploaded successfully.

    image uploaded successfully
  18. Enter an image alt tag (a short description for the image).

    image alt tag
  19. Enter a caption for your image.

    enter a caption
  20. When you are finished, click on the ellipsis and then click on submit.


  21. You'll see that the image wrapper has been added to the image-wrappers folder under assets:  assets > blocks > image-wrapper.

    wrapper added to assets