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Voice Messaging is available for most office telephones on the University campus. The University of Victoria has three types of voicemail messaging accounts: 

Integrated voicemail

This voicemail service is integrated into your Exchange email account. Features include:

  • Receiving voicemail audio messages to your UVic email inbox.
  • Listening to your voicemail from any device.
  • Receiving missed call notifications in your UVic email inbox.

Initial voicemail setup

You will receive a welcome email from Microsoft containing a temporary PIN.

  1. Enter the temporary PIN through your phone set by clicking on the message button or by entering 4444. If you are off campus or using a mobile phone call 250-472-4444.
  2. Continue when it tells you that your temporary PIN has expired and enter a PIN of your choosing.
  3. Listen and follow the prompts to record your name and then to record your personal greeting.

Integrated voicemail configuration and settings

Integrated voicemail can be configured through Microsoft Outlook or Check out the Set up your voicemail article from Microsoft Support for instructions on:

  • Recording greetings
  • Customizing call answering rules and notifications
  • Resetting your PIN
  • Setting an Out of Office messages for your UVic local

Cloud voicemail

This voicemail service is available for UVic employees using Microsoft Teams Phone instead of Cisco handsets. It's very similar to the integrated voicemail service so making the transition should be simple. You'll still receive your voicemail messages and missed call notifications to your UVic email inbox.

What's different about cloud voicemail?

Unlike the integrated voicemail service, you can't access your voicemail through a physical Cisco handset. You can only check your voicemail from your email inbox.

  • If your UVic email is using the M365 email service, you can also check your voicemail through your Microsoft Teams application.
  • Your voicemail settings can be found in Microsoft Teams instead of Outlook or Outlook on the web.

Cloud voicemail configuration and settings

We have some basic instructions to get you started with Cloud voicemail. These cover:

  • Call forwarding options
  • Recording voicemail greetings

More instructions and screenshots can be found on Microsoft's manage call settings in Teams documentation.

Call handling for incoming calls

You can control unanswered call behaviour from the Calls app in your Teams client. Incoming calls can be directed straight to voicemail by selecting “Forward to voicemail”.

  • In Microsoft Teams, click on the Calls app in the lefthand menu bar.
  • At the bottom of the Calls app, there are some settings options. Click the Forwarding button to open More Settings.
  • You can set forwarding options under the Call answering rules section.

You can also customize other call options, like how incoming calls are handled when you're already in another call. You can choose to:

  • Let them ring through.
  • Play a busy signal.
  • Redirect to another number.

Setting voicemail greetings

You can set voicemail greetings and out of office messages in the Configure voicemail panel. Any recorded greetings you have set in the old voicemail system will automatically carry over to Cloud voicemail.

  • In Microsoft Teams, click on the Calls app in the lefthand menu bar.
  • At the bottom of the Calls app, there are some settings options. Click the Forwarding button to open More Settings.
  • Click on the Configure voicemail button.

You can record greetings or use the text-to-speech greeting option. Recorded greetings override text-to-speech ones, so you'll have to delete the recorded one to use the feature.

Phone-only voicemail accounts

This voicemail service is available for UVic local numbers that aren't attached to a UVic email inbox. Examples include:

  • Shared workspaces like a sessional instructor or grad student office.
  • Research labs or workshops with multiple employees.

See the phone-only voicemail user guide for complete instructions.

Initial phone-only voicemail setup

  1. Once the voicemail is set up you will be provided with a 6 digit PIN that needs to be entered when prompted by the [#] key.
  2. Follow the prompts to record your name and then to record your personal greeting, making sure you complete each step for the system to accept it.

Note: If it has been requested that you are able to initially reset your PIN one time only, the system will tell you that your temporary PIN has expired. You will then continue to enter a new PIN of your choosing. Then follow the prompts to record your name and personal greeting.

Reset your PIN

To reset your phone-only voicemail PIN, please contact the Computer Help Desk.

Access your phone-only voicemail from off-campus or cellular phone

  1. Dial 250-472-4444 from your Off-Campus or cellular phone.
  2. When prompted, enter your mailbox number.
  3. When prompted, enter your current PIN.
  4. Press [0] to activate the touchtone keypad commands and then press [1] to access Voicemail Messages

Voicemail support

Please contact the Computer Help Desk if you:

  • Share a phone line with your colleagues and need voicemail options.
  • Work in multiple departments and have multiple UVic local numbers.
  • Need help with resetting voicemail access PINs.

Have more questions?

If you have a question that isn't answered on this page, please reach out to the Computer Help Desk.