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Voice Messaging is available for most office telephones on the University campus. The University of Victoria has two types of voicemail messaging accounts. Integrated email voicemail accounts are available for many University of Victoria phone extensions that are linked to UVic Exchange email accounts.  Phone-only email accounts are available for phone extensions that are not attached to any UVic Exchange email accounts.

See related support for:

Integrated Voicemail
Phone-only Voicemail

Voicemail Management

Voicemail settings

Initial voicemail setup

  1. You will receive a welcome email from Microsoft containing a temporary PIN.
  2. Enter the temporary PIN through your phone set by clicking on the message button or by entering 4444. If you are off campus or using a mobile phone call 250-472-4444.
  3. Continue when it tells you that your temporary PIN has expired and enter a PIN of your choosing.
  4. Listen and follow the prompts to record your name and then to record your personal greeting.

Reset your PIN (password)

  1. Login to your UVic email account using the URL  Ensure that pop-ups are enabled for this site.
  2. Click on the gear icon and the top right corner and select Options.

    gear - options
  3. From the "Options" left side-bar, click Phone.

  4. Be sure that voice mail is selected.
    voice mail
  5. Scroll down the page.  Under the "Reset PIN" heading, select Reset my voicemail PIN....

    reset pin
  6. Click OK from the "Reset Voice Mail PIN" dialogue box

    reset yes
  7. Click on Save.

  8. An email with the subject Your PIN has been reset. should now be in your inbox.

  9. Call your voice mail [4444] and enter the PIN supplied from the email at the prompt.
  10. You are now asked to choose a new a PIN.
  11. Re-enter your PIN followed by the [#] key.
  12. Your new PIN is now set.

When I sign into I don't see a settings dropdown menu displayed beside my name on the top right hand corner of the screen. How do I fix this?

You need to make as a trusted site.

To add to the trusted sites in IE v10 browsers:

1. Navigate to

2. Click on the gear at the very top right of the browser, underneath the close "x".  Click on Internet options.

internet options

3. Click on the Security tab.  Click on the Trusted sites checkmark.

trusted sites

4. Click on Sites.


5. In the first text box it should say

6. If it does click Add.

7. If it doesn't, clear the text box and type into the box and click Add.

add url

8. Click on Close.


9. Click OK.

click on close

10. Restart your web browser.

Why does my new Voicemail PIN (password) say it’s expired?

When a new PIN is generated by the system and sent to you via email, its set to an expired status to force you to create a new PIN the first time the system is accessed.  Unfortunately this may be confusing, but is normal behavior.

Record a greeting for a secondary voicemail line

For those who have a single voicemail account that handles voicemail from two different extensions, they can create a mailbox rule that plays a different greeting depending on which extension was originally dialed. For secondary line greeting set-up, follow these instructions:

  1. Login to with your NetlinkID and password. Ensure pop-ups are enabled for this site.
  2. Select the gear icon located in the top right corner and select Options.

  3. On left-hand navigation bar, select Phone.

  4. In the tabs at the top, make sure that Voice Mail is selected.

    voice mail
  5. Under “Call Answering Rules”, click on the plus (+) icon to create a new rule.

    add rule
  6. Give the new rule a name in the “Name” field (Eg: Secondary Line Greeting) and under "If caller reaches my voice mail..." select If the caller calls me at...

  7. Click on "Select and extension" and select the desired extension and click OK.

    select extension
  8. Under "Do the following" select Provide caller with these options.  Then click on "Select options" and select Press # to leave a voice message. Click on Save.

  9. You will see that the rule has been created. Click on Save.

    Secondary line 6

  10. Go back in and edit the rule once again by clicking on the pencil icon to edit.

    edit rule
  11. Click on More options...

    more options
  12. Under Greetings and Prompts, click on Call me to play or record a greeting for this call answering rule...

    call me
  13. Click on Dial.
  14. The line on your phone that you entered will ring. Answer it and follow the voice prompts to record the greeting on your secondary line.

    a. Press 2 to record a new greeting.
    b. Record the greeting, then Press # (make sure to record an instruction to the caller to press # in order to leave a voicemail).
    c. Press 1 to accept.
    d. Hang up.
  15. Now your Call Answering Rule should look like this:

    rule created
  16. Click Save at the bottom of the webpage

  17. Test it by dialing your secondary number and making sure that your new greeting plays.

How do I access my voicemail from off-campus or using my cellular phone?

  1. Dial 250-472-4444 from your Off-Campus or cellular phone
  2. When prompted, enter your mailbox number
  3. When prompted, enter your current PIN
  4. Press [0] to activate the touchtone keypad commands and then press [1] to access Voicemail Messages

I want to disable voice commands when I call my voicemail. How do I enable the touchtone interface?

To momentarily switch from voice commands to touchtone (keypad) commands, select [0]. This change lasts only for the time of that particular call to your voicemail.  To permanently switch to using the touchtone interface, call into your voicemail account and say "Personal Options", then select[4].

How can I discretely listen to voicemail messages from my Exchange inbox?

A: If you are listening to your voicemail messages through speakers, try using a pair of headphones instead.  Alternately, Better Voicemail allows listening of messages from your Exchange account to your phone in 1-click:

  1. In Outlook, from the "Message" tab, select the "Play on Phone" icon.

    Play on phone
  2. From the "Play on Phone" dialogue box, enter the phone number you wish the hear the message on and the select "Dial".  By default, Better Voicemail lists the last number dialed first.  If you are off-campus, you will need to enter the number including its area code (example: (250) 721-5555).
    Play on phone dial

Voicemail rules

Set an Out of Office Voicemail Rule/Set Automatic Replies

  1. From your Exchange inbox (using Microsoft Outlook application), under the file tab, enable Automatic Replies (Out of Office)
    automatic replies

  2. Login to your UVic email account using the URL  Ensure that pop-ups are enabled for this site.
  3. Click on the gear icon in the top right corner and select Options.

  4. From the "Options" left side-bar, click on phone.

  5. Be sure that Voice Mail is selected.

    voice mail
  6. Click on the plus (+) icon to add a new rule.
    add rule
  7. Enter a name of your choosing for the rule.

    answer rule
  8. Under "If a caller reaches my voice mail, and:" select My automatic replies are turned on.
    automatic replies turned on
  9. Click on Select Options.

    click on select options
  10. Select # leave a voice message from the list provided and then click OK.

    select ok
  11. You will see that the rule has been created.

    rule created
  12. Click on the pencil icon to go back in and edit your rule.

    edit rule
  13. Click on More options...

    More options
  14. Under Greetings and Prompts, click on Call me to play or record a greeting for this answering rule...

    Call me
  15. Your local will be listed under "Dial this phone number."  Click on Dial.  Your telephone will ring.  You can record a new greeting for this answer rule, or you can use the standard greeting. When you are finished, click OK.

    select local

  16. When you are finished, click Save.
    click save

Multiple locals sharing a single UVic email inbox

How a phone's red light (message warning indicator) functions with multiple locals routing to a single UVic email inbox

If multiple locals share a single UVic email inbox, only messages left on the designated primary phone number will trigger the red light (message warning indicator).

Key features of Integrated Voicemail accounts

Receive voicemail in your UVic email inbox


  • Play voicemails directly from Outlook.

  • Treat voicemails as emails by applying Outlook rules and filters.

Receive missed call notifications in your UVic email inbox


Dial-in Interface


  • Hear emails and Outlook calendar entries through your desk phone.

Voice Commands

voice commands

  • Voice command recognition.

Voicemail voice-to-text (transcription) option


  • Microsoft Unified Messaging attempts to convert speech to text.

Out of Office (OOO) Messaging

new vm rule

  • Users can choose Microsoft Unified Messaging (via Outlook Web Access) to call their phone in order to enable OOO voicemail messages.  See Voicemail rules for configuration instructions.

Access your UVic email account from your phone

Email Voice

  • Listen to, forward, or reply to e-mail messages.
  • Listen to calendar information.
  • Accept or cancel meeting requests.

Voicemail support

I have a shared phone

Several employees use the same phone number

Please contact the Computer Help Desk (by sending an email to in order to learn more about available voicemail options for shared phones.

I have multiple phones

Employee works in multiple departments with multiple phone numbers

Please contact the Computer Help Desk (by sending an email to in order to learn more about available voicemail options for employees with multiple phone numbers.

Voicemail account de-provisioning

An employee has left the department - what are the next steps?

1) If the voicemail account is linked to a role-based email address:

  • You simply need to reset the passwords used to access these systems by the former employee. 

2) If the voicemail account is linked to the former employee’s primary email address:

  • Please contact the Computer Help Desk (by either calling 7687 or sending an email to ) to request the deprovisioning of a former employee's voicemail account.

User Guides and reference manuals

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your departmental support personnel or the Computer Help Desk: