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UVic supports mobile devices running iOS and Android version 4 and newer. All other devices are best-effort support only. Faculty and staff interested in obtaining a UVic mobile phone should visit the Technology Solutions Centre.  Please note:  Android devices do not fully support Exchange ActiveSync encryption so they are not recommended standards.

If you wish to configure UVic services on an iPhone, try our new mobile-friendly iOS configuration page!

Many mobile devices can connect to the UVic wireless network. Instructions are provided on configuring UVic wireless on the following mobile devices:

iOS and Android 4.0+ are also supported by the UVic Exchange email and calendaring service.  Instructions are provided for configuring this service on the following devices:

If you are upgrading your smart phone and wish to transfer data and settings from your old phone, please use the following instructions:

If you can't find what you're looking for on the pages listed below, please contact the Computer Help Desk.