Dashboard overview

When you sign in to Cascade you will arrive at the main Dashboard. From the Dashboard you can access:

  1. Widgets - you can add various widgets.

    widgets image

  2. My Sites - you can access sites you have recently visited.

    my sites image

  3. My Upcoming Tasks - you can create tasks for yourself or others.

    tasks image

  4. New Content - you can quickly upload an image or document.

    new content image

  5. My Content: Recent - you can view and access your recent history.

    recent image

  6. My Content: Owned content - content you've created yourself.

    owned content image

  7. Drafts - access drafts you've created

    drafts image

  8. Locks - you can view/access assets you have locked for editing

    locks image

  9. Stale Content - visually see the fresh and stale content in your site.

    stale content image

  10. Notifications - view your publishing notifications and task notifications.

    notifications image

  11. Content to Review - See a listing of the content you have set to review at a later date.

    content to review image